Comparison between Best Western and The Royal National Hotel

Comparison between Best Western and The Royal National Hotel

Best Western hotel Chain has its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. It has approximately 4200 hotels in around 100 and more countries and territories across the globe. In the UK, there is the Best Western GB with its ownership and management independent. The Royal National Hotel is the largest hotel in terms of size in the UK located in Woburn Place, in Central London. It is a three-star hotel while some of the Best Western Hotels based in London are the average five-star. However, in the UK Best Western GB has over 250 properties; some of the hotels range from two to four stars. All of these hotels get operated independently. Best Western Hotel located in the city has around 50 different nationalities as its staff which is a lesser number to the Roya National Hotel.

Both hotels share the similarity of facing barriers to growth concerning employment. Best Western has a hotel in London, and The Royal National Hotel is built there too; cities like London have a strong EU staff working in the hospitality industry. They are all heavily dependent on immigrant labor because it is affordable and the best, however, with the Brexit vote, both hotels have issues with the recruitment of skilled labor. They have reported a low down in employee recruitment. However, The Royal National Hotel has held a positive outlook in the recruitment area by making sure to give hotel roles to locals.

The drop in the pound value means that there is a decrease in the influx of the staff moving to the UK to work. Likewise, people from abroad and working in London have less money to send to their families and friends. If the Brexit vote is successful, the government may find it hand negotiating with the EU for a new relationship which allows free movement of workers. Therefore, the EU nationals may decide to reduce staff working in the hospitality industry in the UK by holding to their current roles. Even if the hotel management is willing to employ, Best Western management claims that after the Brexit referendum the HR has noticed that it is more expensive and harder to recruit staff than before.

Additionally, the EU staff might get incentivized to work in EU27 if Brexit will create additional administrative burdens for their immigration compliance such as work permits. Hospitality management should address any potential operational and commercial requirements with the EU officials to ensure the flow of work. Hospitality industrial management claimed that the trend of lack of staff is likely to continue. Also, the Royal National Hotel is facing recruitment and a significant staff shortage crisis. The Royal National hotel has eight storeys with a total of 1630 hotel rooms. If there are many rooms, the hotel has to employ more staff, but currently, with the migration permit condition, it is hard recruiting new staff. Lack of workers availability may cause poorer hospitality services. The Royal National Hotel and Best Western hotels expect top-notch services from the workers to maintain their class.

The hospitality industry might also experience an innovation challenge. The growth in globalization will make the market and technology grow; therefore, hotels will be forced to maintain their market share as well as fulfill the continually changing customer demands. The hotel industry is bound to innovate quickly to keep up with the changing technological developments.

Following Brexit vote, hotels economic growth has increased by 1% in the first quarter, and according to the report from the Office for National Statistics, the percentage increased to 2. Locals, who include the hotel staff face increased rents, and with the inflationary pressure on their disposable outcomes, it becomes a challenge affording a comfortable life in London. Business rates have increased too, so it becomes hard buying food which can impose stress, and with stress levels up, working becomes a challenge. British Hospitality Association suggests that if the government lowered the VAT rate in the tourism sector, it would attract foreign travelers to visit the country. An increase in the number of visitors will increase industry growth which will further remove the external business pressure. The Hospitality Association believes that the hospitality industry requires critical political and commercial capitals dedicated teams, to offer proper consultation, hoping to navigate the Brexit expected outcomes and manage commercial risk.

Best Western and The Royal National Hotel should engage all its stakeholders both internal and external effectively as they make business decisions to protect them in the future. Before deciding on the steps to take, they should undertake a market analysis and economic scenario market to understand the implications of the Brexit Vote. Afterward, the management should address any potential operational or commercial requirement such as staffing or tax risks that might need their attention, then ensure that the industries have the right investment and financial strategies in order.