Comparison Essay (Computer Games, Video Games, or Smartphone Games)

Comparison Essay (Computer Games, Video Games, or Smartphone Games)


Playing electronic games whether, on the computer, Smartphone or video comes with several identifiable advantages in people’s lives despite the associated challenges. Some of those benefits include entertainment, learning, earning through coupons in different game levels, and also healing some mental disorders when a patient plays. The typical limitation of the games which people mention most is addiction where they consume much time. Also, they waste much money when people place a bet on a particular game they are playing.  The advantages of the games are more than the disadvantages, and it is easy to control addiction. The conclusion that electronic games are beneficial leads to another need for ensuring that the hardware presents them in the best way to meet the desired needs. The computer, Smartphone, as well as the console for the case of video games, should offer the best feedback and navigation abilities to engage the user. This study analyzes the design of the video, smartphones as well as computer games on to find out which one meets the demands of users better.

Technical Comparison

All three types of games are video-enabled running on electronic platforms. They present visuals which help in navigation and bring the concept of real environment closer to the user. The terms Video games refer to the three types of games although people use them to refer to a specific type of electronic games knows as console games (Geraldus 23). Computer, video and Smartphone games have several properties in common. One of the features which they share in common is the graphical user interface. They are all interactive through screens which provide feedback.

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