(Solved) Conflict Management in Nursing: Supervisor vs Charge Nurse Strategies

(Solved) Conflict Management in Nursing: Supervisor vs Charge Nurse Strategies

N421 Conflict Management Written Assignment

Your textbook indicates that conflict is a natural, inevitable condition in organizations (Sullivan, 2017, p. 199). As a nursing leader, you will undoubtedly have many opportunities to develop your skills in conflict management.


Compare and contrast the roles and actions of leadership and management in the handling of conflict. How do these two concepts relate to each other? How are they alike and how do they differ? How can conflict be beneficial and how can it be destructive? Discuss how nursing leaders can manage conflict in a nursing setting.

This is not a venue for your personal opinion. Support your assertions with evidence from recent, scholarly, peer-reviewed journals (preferably nursing journals). (“Recent” is less than five years old.) While your textbook is an excellent source of information it is not a journal. Follow this link for more information: What Is A Peer-Reviewed Article?

This assignment should be submitted in a Word document in APA format including title page, citations in text, and the reference page. Do not exceed 3 pages excluding the cover page and reference list. You may only submit one file and no late submissions will be accepted. Your submission will be evaluated using the rubric posted on Moodle.

 The following program policy applies Written Assignments and Final Project:

  1. Are to be submitted by the due date and time.
  2. Students failing to meet the deadline will receive an automatic 50% reduction on their paper prior to actual grading. If the student fails to submit within the next 24 hours, a grade of “0” will be assigned.
  3. It is the student’s responsibility to recognize their failure to submit and notify the instructor or teaching assistant within the 24 hour time frame. Contact should be made via email with the late assignment attached. (This is not for routine use. It is only for late assignments.) 


Wherever there are people working together, conflicts will always be inevitable. It is upon the relevant stakeholders to find ways of solving these conflicts (Amestoy et al., 2015). The paper aims at assessing the similarities and differences that exist between leadership and management with regards to the handling of the conflict. It will also explore how despite being destructive, conflict can also be beneficial. There will also be a discussion on how nursing leaders can manage conflict in their workplace setting.


There are similarities with regards to the role and actions that leadership and management exercise while handling conflict. The major role that both have in common is recognizing the existence of conflict within the organization. The major cause of conflict is usually a lack of effective communication between the parties involved (Lahana et al., 2017). It is upon the individuals in leadership and management to

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