Congressional Bill: Family Unification Act

Congressional Bill: Family Unification Act

The significance of the Family Unification Act

Typically, the Trump administration has intensified its attack on illegal immigrants in an endeavor to restrict and reduce the number of unlawful immigrants relocating to America annually. However, such measures have increased the number of protests and created political unrest across the United States. Among the essential points of attack by Trump’s administration has been an assault on family migration policies which empower green card holders and citizen to reunite with their family members.  The family unification Act ensures that it eliminates the inherently low and non-feasible Diversity Visa Program.

Additionally, it enables immigrants to quickly relocate to the united states so that they can reunite with their families living in the united states.  The Act also ensures that the rights of immigrants are protected against any unlawful exploitation from Native American citizens. Additionally, The Act speeds up the visa waiting process for family-based visa applicants.

Reasons why the Bill is constitutional

Additionally, the bill is eligible since US citizens and their families can receive the additional annual family-based visas through the Act. This bill impact affects people who would have otherwise obtained the diversity visas. A diversity Visa requires an individual to meet the following criteria; An individual is expected to be Eligible, and this is selected for a diversity visa by a lottery from the DOS.  An immigrant visa available immediately while they are filing an adjustment application Form I-485 which is an Application used in the registration of Permanent Residence.  A non-resident applying for a Green is expected to file Form I-485. The form contains different supporting evidence which includes; two passport-sized photos, Medical Examination Report and Vaccination Record.  In addition to that, Form I-693 is supposed to provide, a copy of the birth certificate, a copy of the page of the passport with non-immigrant visa, a copy of the passport page containing parole or entry stamp.

FORM I-94 contains records of Entry of Departure and copies of court records which have been certified. Additionally, a copy of receipt retrieved from the DOS for the multiple visa sweepstake processing fee is also contained within the form. The document also includes a copy of the selection letter from the principal applicant for the diversity visa lottery from DOS.

A person who is applying for  Form I-601 is covered by the Family 1st Preference regulation stating that foreigners who are not married and have at least one the United States, parent are eligible for a visa. Family 2nd Preference favors unmarried children or spouses belonging to Green Card holders. Family 3rd Preference favors children who are married and belong to certified citizens.  Family 4th Preference favors American citizens who have siblings in other parts of the world.

I believe that immigration is a crucial topic in America.  Therefore, the family bill should be strictly followed because it tends to solve different issues regarding immigration. Ensuring that the legislation is enacted will ensure that families are easily re-united in America. In turn, this provides that the country’s economy continues to grow.  However, the government has a role to ensure that it issues the necessary funding to facilitate the enactment of the Act into law.


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