Consequences of the BP Oil Spill

Consequences of the BP Oil Spill

Societal Consequences

The BP oil spill had significant adverse impacts on societies at the Mexico Gulf and beyond. The outcomes can be observed from the human point of view and ecosystem point of view. Different communities living in the region where the spill occurred suffered adverse impacts on their livelihoods. According to Vaughan, the spill had a significant effect on the tourism sector.The community at the Mexico border relies on sports fishing activities. Hotels and restaurants had to cancel reservations when the spill occurred due to water and air pollution that had engulfed the region.

            The BP oil spill had both short-term and long-term consequences on the health of the communities living in the region.Some of these consequences emerged the time the oil was burning and during the process of clearing the ocean from contaminants. Volunteers did not take practical measures to avoid coming in contact with gas fumes used to clean the ocean. Additionally, chemicals sprayed on the ocean and land areas are health hazards to people and the ecosystem.People exposed to chemicals and air pollutants during and after the oil spill are at risk of suffering respiratory diseases from the contaminants.

            The fishing industry was directly affected by the BP oil spill. BP did not put enough measures in place to secure the aquatic life. The cleaning processes sought to save fish but ignored the fate of plants and other marine life.Litchveld explains that chemicals pumped in the ocean to break the oil billows are treated as trade secrets. This makes it impossible for one to predict the short-term and long-term impact of the spill on aquatic life.Another effect is the direct use of toxic chemicals to disperse the crude. This implies that more aquatic life is affected as the cleaning process continues.The cleaning process is an injustice to marine life as that may have survived direct consequences of the spill.

Personal Actions

Personal actions involve activities carried out during and after the spill.Some of these consequences are direct while others are indirect.Residents of the Gulf region took personal issues with the company for failing to take responsibility in the spill. Instead of the company compensating the affected families and accepting liability, it opted for long legal processes that sought to clear it of unethical activities. This created animosity be

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