Consequences of Political Scandals


Over the years, political scandals have been rampant all over the world. Politicians, government officials, and other high ranking personalities find themselves in the turmoil of corruption, illegality, and other unethical practices. It puts them in the limelight with the media putting significant focus on them. Sometimes they participate in the said scandals, but misinterpretation of issues can also work against them. In the United States, the scandals have hit from the highest office in Capitol Hill to the juniors. There have been numerous scandals, but the main ones include the Watergate Scandal and the one that involved Bill Clinton when he was president. The former led to the resignation of then President Richard Nixon, the only one in that position to ever resign from office (Bellush 111). The latter scandal involved moral decadence of the president who was accused of having an affair with a White House employee. The ramifications of political scandals are usually far reaching, not only to the disgraced officials but also to the people around them and the state at large.

Ramifications of the Scandals

The scandals come in different forms, and their ramifications thus differ from scandal to scandal. A corruption scandal usually sees people dragged into the courts of law to answer charges of corruption. It is emotionally torturing for the person involved, as well as his or her family and the people they represent. The citation of the scandal comes concerning them all, and their names get tainted.

The family of Bill Clinton in his Lewinsky scandal was left traumatized and confused. The scandals are a breaker of family love. Someone like Hilary must have gone through the worst time in White House when her husband was swimming in the murky waters of this scandal (Busby 23). However, the families usually have little or no power to control the things heading north concerning the scandals. All they can do is sit back and suffer the embarrassment of one of their own taking news headlines for the wrong reasons.

The constituents of a suspended politician or representatives lose their representation. For instance, in 2015, the state Senator of Connecticut Ernie Newton was sentenced to six months in prison for illegal campaign practices (Owens 1). This is a loss for the people of the area before special elections are held, to fill in the gap left by the incumbents. This is some sort of suppression of representative democracy for the constituents.

The Americans always loathe the actions of Bill Clinton with regard to the harm it did to the presidency. This is a respected institution among the Americans, and the holder of the office must remain true to the demands of the office. However, Bill Clinton’s affair with Lewinsky ruined this and an institution globally respected lost some

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