Constellation Brands

Constellation Brands

  1. Constellation Brands Marketing Mix
  2. Product

Constellation Brands Company offers a variety of branded and premium wines, thus meeting the needs of its diverse client base. Through the acquisition of other wineries, the company has increased its product portfolio while equally offering quality wines. Development of the brand involves the opinion and interest of different stakeholders, thus ensuring that there is a positive reception in the market (Constantinides, 420).

  1. Pricing

The move to higher margin products indicates that there is a failure to address pricing issues as most of the products are highly priced. Further, the trend creates the risk of consumers switching to other brands (Constantinides 407-438). During purchase decision processes, there is a tendency to compare one product with other brands. Other than focusing on the quality, customers are likely to determine the price differences. Lack of an elaborate price mechanism that fits

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