Consumer Decision Making

Consumer Decision Making

In the market, the seller is required to have an understanding on how the consumers make their decisions towards buying. The seller must observe the buying decision of the consumer through the application of need recognition, information search, and evaluation of alternatives, purchase choice and post-purchase behavior (Navarro-Bailón, 2012).  The process of buying for the consumer starts with need recognition where the marketer must identify the needs of the buyer and the method to satisfy the needs of the consumers. Information search is the second step in the buying process, and it encompasses the process of searching for information on a product and evaluates available alternatives (Ogden & Ogden, 2014). Upon obtaining knowledge on the product, the buyer evaluates the various options depending on quality, features and satisfying power. After assessing all the available options, the buyer can decide to purchase the product or postpone the buying. Finally, after buying the product, the buyer is either dissatisfied or satisfied.

Other factors that influence buying are generally non-product factors which influence the process of buying. The factors encompass brand name, packaging, reputation, and pricing. The way the name of the brand sounds and the images it applies, affects the buying decision of the buyer (Porter, 1979). Product placement is essential and the seller must ensure that the product is on an end cap in a concentrated are of the store.  Perfect packaging easily attracts the attention of a buyer and positively impacts the buying decision (Renko, Sustic & Butigan, 2011). Developing a positive brand reputation will ensure that buyers only choose on your product over the one for the competitor. Ultimately, pricing compels the seller to evaluate the price sensitivity of the market and choose to sell at favorable and affordable price that attract the attention of the buyers.

Purchasing a mobile phone from an electronic shop forced me as a buyer to pass through various steps in the buying process. I really needed the mobile phone since in the modern society; a mobile phone plays a lot of functions from communication, internet to playing music (Renko, Sustic & Butigan, 2011). At the window display I had to search for the exemplary features that I wanted like internet speed and the ability to capture a good image. After selecting on the model that had all the features, I also checked on the other phones and compared their quality (Navarro-Bailón, 2012). The final decision to buy was determined by how much I was satisfied with the features of the mobile which was perfect than any other mobile phone of similar price.

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