Consumer Focused Innovation


The best way to deliver to consumers is not just to have a product that works but a product that matches consumers needs and experience, reflecting into innovative and influential product design. There are more consumer satisfaction and acceptance than just delivering a product that meets consumer needs. The problem in this case study is that most companies provide products that meet the consumer needs not looking deeply into how those needs are met and whether the product delivers as required or expected by the consumer.


Some companies such as IDEO have discovered one of the most effective ways of utilizing consumer behavior data to develop products that best it’s the consumer rather than just delivering to the consumer’s needs. “Whenever IDEO is asked by a client to design a new product, it turns to a highly effective form of idea generation called deep drive”(Vicky, 45). Understanding what consumers need is and how to deliver it is more important than just having a new product in the market (David, 185). The idea is not an organization bringing a new product into the market but having the product that reflects into those needs. This entails using the detailed research before embarking into developing a new product to discover what the real problem and how the consumer feels with the already existing product.


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