Controlling guns in the United States of America

Controlling guns in the United States of America


Controlling of guns refers to the lawful measure planned to limit the use of firearms. The usage of the weapons in the United States of America should be monitored to prevent violence and other crimes that are likely to occur and instead allow only people who have the permission to access them for the sake of keeping the lives of innocent people safe. Thesis statement: Controlling guns reduce crimes.

                                                    Body paragraph #1

Reason 1: Controlling of guns reduces the cases of violence:

Rhetorical device # 1: Controlling of firearms is the best option since it reduces chances of violence which as a result contributes to the death cases( Esparza et al., P 95) . For instance: at home where the husband and the wife are quarreling and having a disagreement in most of the time, yet the husband has the gun, the high chances are that he will use the weapon to kill either the wife or both the wife and children. (LOGOS)

The gun law should be restricted because Imagine a situation where a  family loses both the wife and the children, and once they are gone, they can never be replaced.  he guns should not be accessed easily both in public and private sectors(Pathos)

                                                       Body paragraph 2

Reason 2: Restricting the accessibility of guns it will reduce accidental injuries

Imagine in a situation where weapons are accessed easily, and so in a case where the child goes and start using the firearms as a playing tool and by mistake, he kills himself, as a parent how will you feel? Automatic it will be a sad moment knowing that your child as well but he has died while playing with a gun( Goodman et al., P 72).Therefore guns should be limited. (Pathos)

Accessibility of firearms to the people who are not supposed to use them should be restricted to protect all innocent people since no one would like to lose they’re loved once as a result of playing around with guns( Kalesan et al.,1850) . Therefore guns should be restricted to reduce injuries. (Ethos)


However, using of gun can also be a way of solving the violence( Spitzer and  Robert). For instance in the case where man and wife are quarrying all the time, when a man uses gun to scare the wife, automatic she will be silent as well as accepting all the things that the husband demand  although it may not be the best-proffered way to end conflict( Tseng et al., P 32)  . There is a need to change the style of solving the conflict from using the gun and look other best way to resolve the disputes.


Thesis statement: Controlling of guns reduce crimes The two points support my thesis since they are all discouraging the usage of firearms in the United States of American  in a way that the law does not recognize hence advising  gun law to limit weapons to avoid the crimes that occur as a result of accessing guns in an unnecessary manner.

Since the aim of gun law is to restrict the usage of guns, I suggest that the people who have permission to use a firearm should always be in uniform for identification purposes. To the NRA organization that promote and encourage of shooting of guns as well as fighting for the gun rights, they should ensure that the individuals who are using those guns are well trained on how to use, and they should be aware of the consequences which are likely to follow them in case they misuse those guns. Finally, there should be no one who is supposed to use firearms without permission from the government of the states and the department responsible for making and selling guns.


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