Correctional Officer Turnover Rate

Correctional Officer Turnover Rate


In any organization, regardless of the size, the most essential and valuable asset is the human resource. The task of managing employees and keeping them satisfied and motivated in their workplaces is the most essential and yet it is the most challenging task for the corrections human relation and training officer. According to Wright (2018), HRM involves managing employees strategically and coherently. With proper management, the employees can collectively work individually as a team towards attaining the objectives and goals of the organization. In recent times, the Centervale Corrections Facility has failed in this aspect, and the results have been increased employee turnover rate. Many factors are owing to the increased employee turnover rate at Centervale Corrections Facility. However, as the human relations and training officer, it is imperative to review the existing policies and processes with the facility to help increase employee job satisfaction and reduce job stress. This will be achieved by addressing the following areas:

Job Redesign

To ensure that burnout among the employees of Centervale Corrections Facility is prevented, job responsibilities and tasks will be reviewed, and possibly re-allocated among staff. This will be aimed at improving output. During the job redesign process, a series of steps will be followed. The first will entail revising the job content. Here I will recollect and revise the job-related information to determine the inconsistency between the employee and the job. After recollecting and revising the employee job content, I will analyze the discrepancies. Through this analysis, I will be able to determine the barriers in performing job-related tasks and responsibilities. Besides, it will help me examine why the employees are not able to deliver the expected output. Next, I will examine the employees to determine their skills and capabilities and how they fit with their current positions. From the analysis conducted on the job content and the employees’ skills and capabilities, I will amend the job elements to design the tasks in such a manner that will encourage the employees to perform better. Next, I will relocate the new altered tasks and functions to employees. This will be achieved either by job rotation, enrichment, enlarging of engineering the job. When done correctly, this process will assist in placing the right employees at the right job and prevent burnout.

Effective leadership

Drawing basis on the Kirk Lewin’s frame, i will exhibit leadership trait from a Lasissez-Faire as well as a Democratic leadership style. This is on the rationale that I  have an interest in allowing employees to be self-motivated by being part of the change process. The Centervale employees are diverse in beliefs, attitudes, values background and thinking. This diversity calls a best and unique leadership style to help cope, motivate and be able to achieve the organization goals. In such a scenario, i will employ a Democratic decision making leadership style. The style has been observed by %*%& like the best for improving communication between senior and their subordinates.

Most leaders with a diverse group of individuals use Democratic decision making to encourage discussion and decision making through a consensus (Lazaroiu, 2015). Making them essential in decision making will help employees feel included and promote teamwork and creativity. Besides this will provide open lines of communication by having the willingness to offer a helping hand in addressing questions and concerns.

Improved Supervision

I understand that giving employees some degree of freedom is essential in improving their job satisfaction. Nonetheless, too much freedom would ruin the relationship between them and their seniors $&65. In this regards, the employees will be given some degree of freedom in the process of performing their tasks. Employee supervision will be carried out in such a manner that misunderstandings, tardiness, absenteeism, will be avoided. As part of the supervision role, and in the bid foster goodwill,  supervisors will be required to offer praise and credit to the employees where it is due. Besides, they need to understand that most employees look upon the senior. In this regards, they will need to be good role models by providing support where needed. They will also be required to ensure they are available to employees to help them manage their workload and give them concrete information. The supervisor will also be required to provide the employees with a constant flow of communication and offer them regular feedback on the progress of their job.

Effective evaluation and performance measures

According to Lazaroiu (2015), employees feel motivated and satisfied when they are their performance is adequately evaluated and their performance noticed. To make the employees of Centervale Corrections Facility highly motivated, regular effective evaluations will be continually performed. Employee motivation is the level of commitment, energy, and creativity that the employees of an organization bring to the workplace. Management is tasked with ensuring that the working conditions are favorable to ensure that the workers provide their best. Factors such as better pay, bonuses, opportunities for career development, offering support and delegation of duties motivate workers. Furthermore, the policies or practices of a given business can lead to the motivation of the employees.

Several incentives programs such as monetary rewards, job security, and job enrichment and promotion opportunities will also be incorporated. These motivation incentives will be significant in the sense that they provide a zeal in the employee for better performance and hence help in improving/ increasing productivity (Lazaroiu 2015). Incentives such as praise, recognition, allowance are all positive, and they are given to satisfy the physiological requirements of employees.

Centervale Corrections Facility employees would perform at an optimum level if they are respected, appreciated, and recognized by the management whenever they perform well (Sharma & Sharma 2017). Therefore, building relationships with employees and making them feel valued is essential for boosting performance and reducing staff turnover. Motivated employees are happy, committed, and are continually looking for ways to improve their performance. On the other hand, demotivated employees often have low productivity and high turnover rates.

Image with other agencies

How other agencies perceive Centervale Corrections Facility is very important to the development of employees and their overall growth. In the bid to improve cooperation from other agencies, the management will ensure that open lines of communication between and among the different agencies are maintained. Interaction among the different agencies will be maintained by having a proper dialogue with them to find more about their concerns.  The interests of the other agencies will also be taken into consideration by helping them understand what the role of Centervale Corrections Facility is and how it concerns them.  This will help in developing trust and cooperation. It will also help in developing a strong willingness to work together.


Organizations like the Centervale Corrections Facility should at all times provide an ideal atmosphere for employee motivation given that the workers can see the results of their contribution. The human relations and training officer should ensure that tasks and duties for employees are well defined. This helps to prevent burnout. They also should employ effective leadership skills to ensure that communication between senior and junior officers are improved and maintained. It is also imperative for the human relations and training officer to ensure that employees are kept motivated by offering them motivational incentives. Lastly, proper cooperation with other agencies must be improved to develop trust.