Counter Argument on Globalization and Energy Sources

Counter Argument on Globalization and Energy Sources

Counter Argument on Globalization

Globalization can be defined as the process by which companies or institutions gain popularity internationally and can function in different parts of the world. Stating that globalization is a threat is biased, and globalization should be encouraged instead. Several pieces of research have been able to show cast that globalization is the best thing that has taken place in the modern era and should be encouraged. According to research by Crane, & Matten, (2016), he was able to identify that the main reason that many companies are doing well in the international market is because of globalization. Globalization he argued that it has led to some openings and creation of international ties which has enhanced trade from one country to another. Due to this, he argued that globalization could not be termed as a threat to the health of the global environment. Another study by Baylis, Smith, & Owens, (2017), talked about some of the advantages that globalization has brought to the world as opposed to the negativities. As a foreign company decides to invest in another country, for example, a third world country they might become dominant and overthrow the country’s companies. However, this acts as an advantage to the said country where they can gain economically. A third study by Hirst, Thompson, & Bromley, (2015). Showed that there are more burning issues to solve rather than making globalization infamous. One of the reasons he supported it was because of the foreign aid that the developing countries get due to globalization.

Counterargument on Energy Sources

Energy sources can be defined as the different areas or objects that supply energy in terms of fuel or electricity and supply it to the manufacturing industries among other places. Energy sources are a decidedly less threat as compared to other significant threats like those of poor health. One of the reasons for this is because for the world economy to grow industrialization must flourish (Weitemeyer et al., 2015). For the industries to be able to function, they must have some sources of energy to keep their machines working. A second reason as to why energy sources is a lesser threat is because the world itself cannot survive without energy. Holding of campaigns and rallies to stop the production of energy from different sources would be a waste of time because the world cannot live in darkness Johansson, et al. (2013), nearly everything depends on power including the vehicles and the automotive in general which cannot be eliminated due to the mere basis on the question of where they get their energy from. Lastly, energy sources cannot be termed as a significant threat because most of them are from natural sources. These include water for the geothermal, wind to run the windmills among others which are free of charge. According to Kalogirou, (2015), concentrating more on natural resources which will never deplete and forgetting the health conditions of a dying nation would a misappropriation of attention hence making energy sources a lesser threat.




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