Creating an Ideal State Plan


My ideal state is one that our citizens coexist in harmony, live by virtues of equality and live in peace. This comprehensive plan seeks to attain an ideal state from a country that we have recently overthrown dictator president. My country lacks viable government structures and is faced with domestic and foreign terrorist threats.My concept of an ideal state originates from philosophers such as Plato, who sought to create an imaginary state where all was well. Such a state is referred to as Utopia. However, Utopia does not exist in a real-life situation (Lewis, 2018). Political science seeks to achieve the best style of governance that promotes the public good and creates a great society.I will address the functioning parts of an ideal state that supports economic growth, political tolerance, and working security agencies. Iwill too focus on domestic and foreign concerns. My domestic concerns will revolve around the various mechanisms I will employ on curbing the high level of terrorism and how best I can promote economic development. On the other hand, my foreign concerns will address external security threats.

Domestic Concerns

In my country where instability is the order of the day the best governing style I will administer is a republic one. This is the style where my chosen leaders represent the need of our citizens. I will make sure that all leaders will always serve the interests of our citizens. The principles behind my republic governing style are inclusion, equality, social development, economic growth, and security. As the president of a young state that lacks economic, military and political structures one i adopt a style that wil

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