Creating reality about life


Most people have been in the bondage of rejection, secrete internal and external suffering because of failure to face reality. The idea of cultural correct language is one that creates a barrier to face reality where a person cannot correctly refer items and issues as they are and therefore fail to expose their ideas and challenges. Ensler Eve in her article The Power and Mystery of Naming Things gives an example of a word and topic, Virginia, which the society does not allow open discussion. Culture also keeps people in bondage by labelling some behaviours and characters as bad where people who exhibit them end up suffering from denial and low self-esteem. Chapman Greg in the article A Journey Toward Acceptance and Love reveals how gay character led to internal suffering because the society labelled it as wrong. This study argues that failure to face and live in reality creates life bondage and that freedom is through accepting life as it is and facing it other than hiding behind cultural descriptions of what is right and wrong.

The society has unconsciously limited the freedom of expression by burring people from discussing some topics that disturb them openly. Sex education is one of the issues that has gained popularity in the recent past on whether to enrol it to young people or not. The training contains mention of words and issues which the society label as a taboo to mention openly. However, failure to create freedom of saying such words and topics creates more harm than good because people cannot achieve their goal of expressing what they are going through. Ensler is one of the many people in the society who has found themselves in situations that would need mention and naming of some items to express their suffering. Ensler shares her story of how the naming of a body part, Virginia had made her leave in depression without an idea of another way to let the mother know about her story. Ensler wanted to share the story of rape from the father, but it was hard to achieve the target because of the barrier to use some words. Culture barrier on some topics and words is, therefore, one challenge to young people to share some issues with the old.

The solution to achieve such goals of sharing and therefore come out of internal suffering like depression is an expansion of freedom of expression. However, society is reluctant and slow to accept that what was previously a taboo can be normal behaviour. Ensler confirms that ability and freedom to talk about everything and facing it, in reality, helps to relieve stress because people can express their inner suffering.  Ensler challenge was to name the body part, vagina which would lead to the start of a story with long-suffering. However, the breakthrough came when the author was able to call it and thereby shared the stressful act with the mother. Normalcy enables the author to express inner secrets and therefore become free. Most people get freedom when they come out of the cultural and language bondages and get the courage to name such items and share other topics.

Apart from naming and talking about some topics, there are some characters and behaviours which the culture labels as wrong and therefore creates challenges to people who possess them. People with such characters do not receive acceptance from society and thus end up running for help from themselves. Labelling such characters as bad makes people think that they do not deserve to exist because they are unique. The only place to turn to is oneself when such characters lack credit in all other people. Chapman shares a story where there was such an experience. The author was a gay which the society and Christian faith labelled as an evil character. There was no anybody to turn to and therefore Chapman sort for internal help which made the situation worse through rejection and harm. Such a case is normal where people tend to keep their problems by themselves when society cannot accept them.

Reality is essential in solving such kind of issues in someone’s life. Accepting one’s character will help a person to seek help from others because they see themselves as worth in society. The reason why some people can seek help from others is that they have labelled themselves as essential and do not compare with others. Marking oneself as valuable is Similar to the Ensler case, Chapman also faced the situation with reality by accepting the character. The author admitted the gay character and love grew from all around. Normalcy, therefore, helped Chapman to become free from the issue.


Reality is freedom in people’s life that enables self-expression. It is the ability to face life in the usual way other than hiding in the bars of respect and cultural beliefs. People can take control of their life once they can express themselves and become normal other than hiding in suffering. The two authors in the essays managed to relieve and get freedom of life through normalcy. Bondage of rejection and internal pain, therefore, can get a solution through freedom of self-expression and being.