Creative Speaking Speech about Architecture

As I grew up in an urban setting, I was attracted to large buildings, which had been set up using a variety of architectural designs. Some of them were built in the mid-20th century or even earlier. This means that they have stood the tests of times and harsh weather conditions to date. Even though I have heard some issues of buckled buildings, I do not think that these are not common among architects who had planned their tasks well and worked closely and in unison withreliable civil engineers. In my town, it was hard to hear such incidences, and I think that this is because of great architectural designs which were done precisely to ensure that all the details have been put in place. Thus, I am highly interested in anything that is concerned with architecture since building systems are being developed from scratch to meet the needs of the occupants.

Furthermore, the art of creating spaces that make people comfortable in living in a specific area is what draws me to architecture. Architects play with a variety of functions to ensure that they come up with the most sophisticated structures and corridors as well as gardens that fit the needs of the occupants. Since I was young, I could sketch the inner structures of buildings and design car parks, and this shows that my interest in architecture was on for long. This was a great talent that even attracted the attention of my siblings and parents. They could urge me to polish my skill and major on it making it my sole profession. With proper training, I believe that I will be one of the best architects in the entire world. Last but not least, I will be known for outstanding buildings with unique designs.

Additionally, I not only depend on the knowledge gained from classwork but also research further about renownedarchitects who have lived many generations ago and carved a niche for themselves in the profession. This way, I will be motivated to pursue this career further and emerge victoriously in the end. I believe that various architects who succeeded in their respective times had their role models who gave them an opportunity to learn and avoid mistakes. In architecture, any mistake would be costly, and I equate this profession to a health medicine profession since errors end up costing people’s lives. Naturally, I am cautious, and I ensure that everything I do observes the highest levels of precision ever and this relates to the architectural field.

Despite having to spend sleepless nights drafting and sketching structures, architecture is like any other field that requires discipline. Usually, I do not concentrate so much on the means, but the end since the outcome speaks volumes regarding the efforts that one puts. I believe that architecture is highly related to art and design since one has to put down on paper what he or she thinks regarding a masterpiece structure. Since I have been interested in designing structures, I think that I will not struggle to improve my architectural skills, and competing with seasoned architects will be my best part of my career.

In conclusion, I find architecture as a significant field in our lives since it determines where one would live in. Also, comfort linked to structures is highly connected to architects and civil engineers. Since I had a passion for drawing and designing structures, I believe that such a talent matches the architecture and I can work well in this career.

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