Crime and Profiling; CaseStudy

Overcoming Negative Outcomes of Profiling

Investigators play a significant role especially in solving criminal cases by examining crimes and collecting evidence for documentation. Therefore, to avert or deter more crime from reoccurring, it is notable that profiling which is basically following up all crime scenes patterns and after that applies the acquired information to develop or create profiles. The rationale is to help law enforcers to be able to identify criminals that are unknown or impending criminal activity. However, it is notable that in profiling, investigators tend to be biased and when they visit a crime scene, they tend to be clouded by their own experiences and personal perspectives (Turvey,2012).This tends to produce adverse outcomes. A profiler or an investigator should not be ruled or directed by an individual or personal perspective, personal bias to influence the type of profile he/she will give out in the long run.

Generally, to prevent this type of negative perspectives or biased profiling, investigators there have to distinguish between personal perspective and the actual picture or situation at hand. To achieve this position, therefore, the investigators or profiler have to be trained professionally to make sure he/she can render their services in a professional manner (Turvey, 2012). It is notable that this biasness and personal perspective are usually as a result of insufficient training. It is worth noting that proper training is what informs an investigator’s insights, perception or biasness towards the offender’s behavior. A properly trained investigator will thus be able to identify the character, motive, and behavior of an offender and after careful analysis, place an informed profile.

In some cases, it is notable that investigators are human beings just like any other profession and they ascribe to their thoughts, and they have feelings, emotions. In the same breath, investigators have desires too which tends to be destructive when conducting profiling. In this sense, therefore, Kocsis and Palermo, (2015) recommend that investigators should also undergo a level of psychological counseling to ensure that the

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