Crime and Violence

Crime and violence know no one in society; it disrupts people’s normal daily life and reduces their ability to put trust in anyone (Cooke, 2015). Crime and violence challenge people’s sense of safety as well as the social fabric in the communities (Cooke, 2015). It changes the lives of people when someone is blown up or murdered because it erodes people’s sense and respect for the life of other people (Cooke, 2015). Crime and violence make people forget how to solve their problems during stressful situations, and a society that is ravaged by violence teaches the young ones that violence is the only way to solve problems (Cooke, 2015). It is, therefore, essential to know that crime and violence make people lose their respect for one another, people feel fearful of walking in the streets, visiting certain neighborhoods while also reluctant to participate in social events that bring people together specifically in some area associated with crime and violence.

The American people feel that the issues of crime and violence have gone up even though the investigative agencies such as the FBI confirms that crime and violence related issues have gone down in the last decade (Berman, 2015). For instance, FBI data confirms that crime and violent incidents such as rape and murder have dropped from 1.1 million currently as compared to 1.7 million cases in 1995 (Berman, 2015). The burglary related issues dropped to 8.2 million currently from 12 million cases in 1995 (Berman, 2015). However, many American people are neither worried about crime nor violence as compared to how they are worried about hackers obtaining their credit card details.

The public debate over the issues of crime and violence ignores a lot of facts (Berman, 2015). For instance, it depends on where you live, race as well as your economic status. The right way to comprehend crime and violence is through neighborhood rates analysis, not a generalization.

Although the rates of crime vary from time, it was recorded since the time of colonization in America (Berman, 2015). The American national rates of crime have continued to decline since the 1990s. For instance, crime rates in the U.S are now down by 51% from the 90s perhaps due to one innovate ways of containing crime by law enforcement authorities.




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