Crime data comparison


A crime is an act that may be condemned or punished by members of a community through a variety of means such as fining or imprisoning (Lofstrom and Raphael, 2016). It can be distinguished from torts which may be compensated to settle the aggrieved party. Crime can also be perceived as an illegal act that is prohibited and therefore punishable by law.

The word ‘criminality’ regards behavior that is considered a violation of set criminal law in a society. As opposed to crime which refers to the act committed, criminality deals with criminal characteristics of the individual who commits a crime or is said to have committed a crime. When determining criminality, law enforcement officials may use factors such as a suspect’s criminal record. Criminality may also refer to the degree to which an individual’s appearance provokes various stereotypes concerning criminals.

Criminal justice is a system that identifies crime committed and criminals responsible for the crimes. It apprehends, judges and punishes crime after identifying the criminals. The criminal justice system can be divided into law enforcement, corrections and courts. After apprehension, courts do take over to get the right verdict for the committed criminal offense.

Deviant behavior and crime have a clear cut distinction. Crime is a disobedience of the laws that have been enacted by the government. Criminal offenses are legislated in constitutions and violations usually attract punishments such as jail terms or even death sentences. Examples are rape

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