Criminal Justice Administrators

Criminal Justice Administrators


Criminal offenders need to be punished for their actions, and justice should be rendered to those who offend them. This, therefore, means that those responsible in the delivery of justice are known as the criminal justice administrators. There are very different agencies that are involved in the administration of justice to the offenders. It is important to know that every decision that they make towards an offender receives very much airplay and public interest from different sections of the society (Feeley, 2017). This is more intense especially when the offender is a high profile person in the society or in the state that they come from.

The extent to which an agency depends on public opinion

Public opinion is the central point of many assumptions and decisions that a government takes. This means that the laws are made based on what the public wants and what satisfies them without discrimination. However, the agencies that administer justice should regulate the extent at which they should depend on the public opinion (Casper, 2018). One of the measures should be that of the weight of the matter that the public would be protesting or airing their views on. If the matter is of national interest, the agencies should depend on their opinion, but if the matter does not have much weight, they should depend on their knowledge. Another extent to which their opinion should be depended on is when their evidence is accurate and genuine. Justice is supported by evidence, and when the public opinion provides evidence, then it can be depended on.

Changes in a troubled correctional facility

Strikes, go-slows, demonstrations among other forms of resistance are widespread with those facilities that fail to provide some proper working conditions for their employees. When such instances happen, the managers should take some steps and some changes in their system to address the issue. The aim of this would be to prevent the reputation of the facility from being destroyed when the issue gets out of the hand. One of the changes the management should make in the facility is that of the root cause of the problem that has caused a division with the employees. The second change would that of the motivational factors that would make the employees happy. Some examples of the motivation that can be given to the employees would be that of the wages and salaries to cool their nerves during the correctional facility troubles (Schmalleger et al. 2014). Another change that is likely to happen in such instances is that of the leaders in charge of the group that is having the troubles in the correctional facility. The failure of happiness to the employees can be mostly blamed on the lack of leadership and coordination from the leaders hence their change.

A significant research study in the criminal justice field

One of the research studies that have been conducted in the criminal justice field is that on The Prosecutor’s Management Information System (PROMIS). It was a research project that aimed to computerize the evaluation of crimes. This system was researched on, and it ended up becoming a success whereby it is now being implemented in the American system (Casper, 2018). Today in America the chances at which a case will be heard or dismissed is measured is by this system, and it can do so. It has brought a lot of impacts because the cases that have little weight are dismissed while those to be heard are given much weight through a hearing. Lastly, we can say that the results of the research study on PROMIS have revolutionized the criminal justice especially in this era where everything has become technological.

Positive and negative effects of research in the criminal justice profession

One of the positive effects of research in criminal justice is that people have been granted the freedom to fair ruling where some advancements were factored in that were not previously present. Another positive effect is that it has created some job opportunities to both the researchers and also to the administrators where some additional positions have been added through research (Feeley, 2017). However, one negative effect of the research is that it has opened some possibilities of manipulation of evidence, especially with technology. This is because hackers can interfere with crucial information meant to the decoding of a particular case.


For any state or country to have sanity and to gain the capability of developing, there must be the presence of a criminal justice system. This is because the conflicts that are most prevalent in a society or a community may need some adjudication that can only be brought by a justice system. Apart from punishing the offenders, the criminal justice system is also responsible for rehabilitating offenders and giving solutions to some cases that might be lacking clarity in a particular section.




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