Criminal Justice Reform

Criminal Justice Reform

The two films CGTN News. (2014) And Vice News (2016)seeks to bring out an important thing about the criminal justice system. The story reflects on a police officer that reforms and now has a new look on the issue of the justice system. One thing that seems to come out is that the former police officer is now getting to realise the impact that they cause on the life of the people that they put behind bars. It is clear that the focus of the police has always been to look at the things from the view of enforcing the law, but they forget to look at the people that get affected when they put people behind bars. The police officers are now looking at trying to change the way things are done.

One thing that seems to stand out in these videos is that while at the time the officers think that they are helping the young people by putting them to jail, ideally they are ruining their lives. There are other ways that they can make people pay for their mistake but not turning them to prison. The argument that the former cops are presenting is that the systems are just taking people locking them up and converting them to be severe criminals than helping them. I think this video is raising important issues that many people have not been able to see. The criminal justice system is seemingly creating convicted criminals rather than helping to change their lives. There are small crimes that these people commit, but once they end up condemned even for about 18 months, they would turn up to be dangerous criminals. Therefore there is a need to change the criminal justice system.




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