Critique of ‘Cry it out.’

Critique of ‘Cry it out.’


Jessie is in dirty yoga pants, covered in breast milk while trying to comfort her crying baby. This is unlike her in the last four months when she was a corporate lawyer living a good life. She is living in isolation with her husband working for long hours; thus she needs someone to talk to. When she sees another breastfeeding lady in the neighborhood, she rushes to make friends with her. During one of their usual coffee time, a stranger comes in asking for his wife to join them since she was having a hard time. This is a town in which the haves and the have nots live in a very close company. The trio now has the same problem in common, and the play focuses on the absurdities of a being home with a baby, dilemma of going back to work, the effect that class has on parenthood and the power of female friendship. The production of this play has however been partly a success and also a failure. The failure of the play based on acting is the lack of full representation of different classes and colours; costuming is somewhat exaggerated while the scenic elements

Everybody who goes on the internet has realized the success of ‘cry it out’ on the so-called mommy wars. The play is beyond the baby sleeping methods, Baby Bjorns, and Sophie giraffe toys.  It is true that Jessie is almost in tears upon hearing that Adrienne’s baby is formula fed. However, the conflicts faced on the play give more insight rather than just backstabbing on parenting choices. On the flip side, the cross section is not a full representation, since with only four characters; it is not possible to cover everything. What of the women of color? What about the adoptive parents? What about the women who cannot afford maternity leave? What about queer parents? This shows the way acting has failed to be adequate since not all groups are adequately represented in the play.

Scenic elements in any theatre play are usually meant to support the story of the play. Such include the lighting, sound, and costumes. The massive backdrop painting of grey clouds is a hint of the eternity and timeliness of being a parent. However, the desks used by young mothers rarely match the theme. They advise friends who are busy with catching up and rarely reflect the challenges of motherhood

Anne Closs Farley gives a difference in the characters through the most straightforward touches of the texture and fabric. The costumes are all modern wears. However, the fact that they are meant to show the challenges the young women undergo in motherhood does not add up so well. This is because young mothers should not stop looking neat merely because they have a newborn.

To some extent being dirty and unkempt is a show of irresponsibility which should not be the case primarily because the baby needs to be clean for their excellent health. Looking at Jessie who is in dirty yoga pants covered with breast milk is just pathetic


In conclusion, the costume choice, the scenic elements, and the acting are not fully developed and perfected to reflect the theme. Looking at the exaggeration in the costumes and the lack of full representation of different groups in the acting is a light show of the elements which should be worked on shortly. However, cry it loud is an honest look of the challenging of motherhood and the dilemmas therein.