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According to Willems, et al. (2014), non-Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT)is a method technique used in determining the fetal risk in acquiring specific genetical abnormalities at birth. Before the invention of NIPT, several methods were used which include; amniocentesisin which the sample of amniotic fluid is taken and tested for the abnormalities. The choice of amniotic fluid depends on the presence of the fetal fragments hence right components used in determining the genetic defects are obtained, stated Sachs Amy, et al. (2015). The other method is Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS);whichbrings into account the placental tissues, whereby the sample is tested for chromosomal abnormalities. Paternal Sample Collection which involved the use of a swab in getting the DNA fragments from the outstanding potential father(s) has also been used. The NIPT are accessible and useful in making the screening of the chromosomal abnormalities as the risks confirmed are quite lower than the alternative methods as the processes are lesser sensitive and more genuine.Brady, Paul, et al. (2016) argues that the data obtained in NIPT is always accurate to a greater extent as the results have got to a greater degree not more sensitive and low false results percentiles.Non-invasive Prenatal Testing tries to test and analyse the minute fragments of DNA circulating in the expectant woman’s blood, this is pivotal as the mother’s blood has a mix of the cell-freeDNA coming from the fetus' cells and the mothers'.

Summary of the Article

In line with Schendel, Rachel et al. (2015), the NIPT test has been carried out by Ariosa Diagnostic which is a global molecular diagnostic company that majorly aims at developing and bringing innovative testing services across the world. The company's chief test is called the Harmony Prenatal test which is done by screening the blood for trisomy's 21,(down syndrome), 18(Edwards Syndrome) and 13(Patau Syndrome). The Genesis Serenity Company has also pioneered the pre-implantation test of embryos to check for genetic abnormalities that were inherited. Its areas of specialization are in the preimplantation screening and preimplantation genetic diagnostic. The Non –Invasive prenatal test (NIPT) is a serenity test that offers reassurance on pregnancies during its early stages for trisomy’s 13, 18, 21 and sex chromosomes abnormalities Hill, Melissa, et al., (2014). Panorama Natera is a fast-growing genetic and diagnostic company which has similarly researched on NIPT. It has proprietary bioinformatics and molecular technology. The NIPT test is therefore called Panorama which gives expectant mothers a chance to know the possibility of their unborn baby to have an abnormality with the chromosomes. Lastly, Sequenom laboratories is a company that offers genetic testing in areas such as reproductive health, carrier screening and genetic counseling, which includes NIPT test.

According to Akoleka, Ranjit et al., (2015), the research that backs up the NIPT test is PEGASUS which stands for personalized genomics for prenatal Aneuploidy Screening using maternal blood. The mai

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