Cultural Activity Report

Cultural Activity Report

The play starts with two characters who set the stage for the entire play. They are shocked of a young gentleman, Antonio Salieri, who was able to write his first symphony and attended a concert when he was still young, but he is worried that Mozart’s work would outshine him, and therefore, decides to investigate. He also learns that Mozart had become engaged against his father’s wish to Constanze Weber. Having attended the concert where Mozart was to perform, he discovers that indeed Mozart was talented. Salieri becomes envious of Mozart for being invited to write an opera for Emperor Joseph, and this results in hatred between the two characters. He becomes steadfast in his bid to end Mozart’s fame and engages in different acts, so that realize his plans. Eventually, Salieri blames himself of Mozart’s death and even attempts to commit suicide which he does not succeed

The first scene is when Mozart and Salieri are at the emperor’s place. The characters in the scene are Salieri, Mozart, Emperor Joseph, and Constanze. Mozart and Constanze are dressed in expensive, bright and elegant clothes that are in line with the occasion. The emperor dresses in costly royal garments, as well as, ornaments symbolizing royalty. Salieri dresses in wigs and costumes which are less elaborate. When Salieri is telling the emperor to be allowed the opportunity to compose the opera, Salieri is annoyed by the abusive words used by Mozart. He finds inspiration in his own words “I would set the legend of Danaius, who, for a monstrous crime, was chained to a rock for eternity, his head repeatedly struck by lightning…” both Constanze and Mozart are shocked by Salieri’s utterances. At the background, the wall of a well-furnished house could be seen, as well as, beautiful chairs that symbolize royalty.

The second scene is when Mozart, Constanze, and Salieri meet at the patron’s home. The two characters engage in an argument which leaves Constanze in tears, and she is consoled by Mozart’s words, “Beat me. Beat me….. I’ll just stand here like a little lamb and bear your strokes”.  Salieri is further embarrassed for being unable to be in control of the situation reading from his facial expression while Constanze feels relaxed. Mozart and Constanze are dress in linen clothes that are bright and elegant, while Salieri dresses in wigs and outfits that portray a change of status as compared to his dressing in the other scenes of the play. The stage comprises of well-arranged chairs to allow more natural movement. The way Salieri and Mozart carry out themselves in a different way from the other scenes in the play. They do not openly disclose the hatred they have towards each other, and this symbolizes respect for authority

The play is done in line with the roles that were to be played by the different characters, and the transition from one scene to another does not lose the flow of the story.  Although the play is in tandem with the theme to be addressed, there are certain scenes especially the start of the play, which leaves the audience gauzing how the characters are represented in the play. The play could have been made better if it would have started with an introduction of the characters. Generally, the play is performed effectively, and it was easy for the audience to grasp the intended theme in every scene. The way the characters played their roles was exceptional, right from their facial expression and projection of voice

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