CXU_WK11_ASS1- Final Project Step VI

CXU_WK11_ASS1- Final Project Step VI

My Study’s Social Change Potential

Many issues negatively impact societies around the world. Positive social change helps in addressing the issues that negatively impact societies. Several interventions can aid in the promotion of positive social change. Walden University is committed to promoting positive social change (Walden University, n.d.). The university has a mission for social change. Students are taught to take severe considerations towards the promotion of social change through their scholarship and careers later on after school (Walden University, n.d.). One way that Walden University helps promote social change is through research. Faculty members and students in the university are encouraged to conduct studies that will assist in the improvement of society. Through research, crucial facts that are key to the promotion of social change are usually discovered. Action research studies also help implement interventions that improve society. My study is also aimed at the improvement of society. This paper discusses the social change potential for my proposed research study.

The research problem that I have been working on concerns the experiences that Latina/o immigrants in the United States have regarding their protection from racial nativists operating in the country. The study has enormous potential for promoting social change. There have been reports of insults and assaults on immigrants by violent anti-immigration individuals and groups (Young, 2017). Such attacks are not only against the law but seriously threatening the physical and psychological well-being of immigrants. Physical attacks may result in hospitalization of the affected individual. Fear of attack and the feeling of being rejected or out of place among other things may negatively impact immigrants psychologically. The study will aid identify whether Latina/o immigrants are comfortable with the protection they receive from the government and society or whether there is a pressing need to improve their security. Enhancing the safety of immigrants would be a significant step towards ensuring that all people living in the US are kept safe from criminal actors. The issue of immigration can be dealt with without causing harm to immigrants who are only seeking a better life.

My study does not only cover the issue of immigrants’ protection but also racism. Racial nativists oppose immigration and immigrants for among other reason, their race. Some white supremacist groups in the US claim that the country belongs to only white people. Such claims promote racism which has had nasty effects in the past. Exposing the existence of racial nativist groups and individuals will be quite helpful in getting the society to work towards fighting the claims and activities of such groups. The war against racism must be won as it will help ensure the safety and dignity of all people.

Through helping enhance the protection of immigrants by law enforcement agencies and the society and helping fight against racism, the study will help promote positive social change in the US and the world. The research will also support further Walden University’s mission of promoting positive change in society.





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