CXU_WK11_JOUR- Journal Entry

CXU_WK11_JOUR- Journal Entry


I have made enormous progress in developing my idea for my capstone’s research topic. The course has helped me learn how to identify a research problem to investigate. The course has also taught me how to frame a research problem. The proper statement of a research problem is crucial as poorly stating a research problem is likely to result in challenges when designing other aspects of the study and in conducting the research. I have also improved my ability to develop a research question from the identified problem. A good research question helps in the development of a useful data collection instrument. The selection of the qualitative research approach to use when investigating a phenomenon of interest has also improved my knowledge regarding qualitative research. I learned that the choice of method to adopt is influenced by the research problem, question, and purpose. The course has helped me hone the development of research protocol skills and interviewing skills.


In the course of developing my research topic, I have encountered several obstacles. One obstacle is identifying a research problem that has not been exhaustively researched, and that is of great importance. Researching a problem that has been exhaustively studied is unlikely to generate essential insights or generate new knowledge. It is essential to identify an issue that has not been studied by many researchers. I had a lot of trouble in narrowing down to an issue that has not received much research attention and is of great importance. I had to go though many research articles on my area of interest to identify gaps in research. Another obstacle that I discovered regards the selection of the qualitative research approach to use in a study. There are several approaches, and I have not yet gained a deep understanding of all the approaches and the best practices to adopt when researching each approach. The use of some complicated data analysis methods like grounded theory and narrative analysis remains unclear to me, and I will have to learn more to grasp the same.


I am now transitioning to the capstone process. The work to be done in the capstone project is quite serious, and I have been making plans that will help me successfully undertake the project. One thing that I have planned to do is to read the available materials regarding the capstone project. The materials discuss what is required for the project and instructions for the capstone among other things. Having a proper understanding of the requirements of the task will help me direct my efforts towards the successful completion of the same. The resources detailing the capstone project’s requirements and instructions will be critical to the creation of a research proposal that meets set quality standards.

Another thing that I plan to do to complete the capstone project successfully is to read more about qualitative research. There are several aspects of qualitative research that I have not gained a good understanding of, for example, data analysis and research approaches and reading more about the same will help me prepare for the capstone project. A book that will help me deepen my knowledge about qualitative research is Patton’s 2015 book on qualitative research that I have been using throughout the course. The book contains the information I need to gain a better understanding of qualitative research, and all I need is to read and re-read the same. The two things that I plan to do will help me adequately prepare for the capstone project and successfully handle the development of a proposal that meets the criteria for quality.