CXU_WK5_JOUR- Journal Entry


In the previous journal entry, I disclosed that I was reading more regarding qualitative research approaches to be able to select the best approach for my study. I continued learning more about qualitative approaches, and I was finally able to acquire enough knowledge to choose the best approach. The approach that I selected for the study is the basic qualitative inquiry approach. The approach focuses on the exploration and description of experiences regarding a phenomenon. My study also focuses on the exploration and description of experiences concerning my selected topic, and thus, the approach will adequately guide the research. I have also been reflecting on the best data collection and analysis methods to utilize in my study, and I have decided on the same.


I am not adequately skilled or experienced in conducting interviews. I have done several interviews in the past, and I know that it is a challenging task and that there are some areas that I need to work on improving to become a better interviewer. Areas that I am good at in interviewing include proper preparation, good communication skills, and the ability to create a good rapport with my interviewee. The area that I feel I lack is the ability to record key points while paying enough attention to the interviewee to be able to ask the right follow-up questions. Asking good follow-up questions is crucial.


In the coming week, I plan to learn more about interviewing, especially on my weak areas to be ready to conduct proper interviews when the time comes. I plan to learn more via reading books and watching informative videos on interviewing. Another challenge that I plan to work on regards accessing participants. In the coming week, I plan to look up areas where the target population for my study lives and seek out means for reaching out to the population to convince them to be part of the study.