Cybersecurity issues in mobile devices

The number of smartphone owners has dramatically increased in the twentieth century. Mobile devices have made communication easy, reduced the time taken in research, and enabled people living in different geographical regions to connect by just logging on to their social networking sites. However, not everyone understands the risks they are created by owning mobile devices. They lack knowledge in both offline and online risky behaviors that may lead them to lose valuable data or become victims of mobile devices fraud. Also, they do not understand they consider themselves to be at risk of cybercrimes. With the increase of interest in cybersecurity, various scholars have researched on how mobile devices lead to cybersecurity and how cybersecurity issues can be addressed. Therefore, the paper explains issues on cybersecurity based on an analysis of four articles. The paper argues that hackers and unauthorized access are the leading cybersecurity issues in mobile devices hence they should be addressed through installing the correct security assumptions in the design phase, some level of access denial, consistently changing passwords, and applying ‘fence me in’ methods.

Mobile devices hackers

The increase in the popularity of mobile devices has created many opportunities for hackers. According to David Bennet, trends on smartphones show that they have a larger storage capacity, multiple connectivity options, and numerous compatible applications which make them obvious targets for hackers. Therefore, hackers focus on developing malicious applications to attack mobile devices. In his article, Managing Cyber Security Risks, Jeff Dew argues that the popularity of the use of mobile devices in the twenty-first century also created a platform for the development of computer viruses. He reports that research in 2011 by F-Secure, an anti-virus software developer, showed

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