Data Breach

Discuss the specific recommendations that you would make based on your personal experience and research.

The situation in the case study is an example of a data breach incident whereby the information in the database got accessed with no authorization, and then it found its way into the Pastebin website. First and foremost, the firm should get maximum protection of its database by using appropriate antiviruses and antimalware soft wares in its system. For additional security, the firm can also increase the application of strong passwords as well as the use of named user accounts by members of staff dealing with the data (Thomas, 2018).

For assurance, the firm needs to conduct tests regularly and audits to see if there is any vulnerability, proof the security of data and minimize the risks of breaches. ISMS can assist in managing all processes of data security in a single place, cost-effectively and consistently. The employment of programs to monitor the system combined with d

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