DB Question: Competencies


Competency is an important aspect, especially when combined with proficiency. In the case of Barbera et al. (2007), competency means creating a model which works well in business management and research, especially for health emergency management. The competency-based model has been used extensively over the last 25 years, and this is not bound to change anytime soon. The reasons that Barbera et al., (2007), and co puts forth is that it is essential to enhance job analysis by relating the skills, knowledge, abilities with the overall objectives of the company or the organization Emphasis is being put into competency as it helps align the objectives of the different individual jobs with the main goals of the organization. The main aim of skills is to ensure that the matching is done and boost productivity and efficiency especially in tasks that are directly related to management of emergencies.

Competencies in the Emergency Management Program Manager

Three competencies that are key to the emergency management program manager are teamwork, respons

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