Death in the ring


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This was the third meeting between Emile Griffith and Benny Paret a boxing title for the Welterweight Boxing championship. This historical event took place at Madison Square on March 24, 1962, in New York City.


Griffith looked stronger each second, and as he pushed Paret to the corner with heavy punches, things looked worse as the shouting in the arena slowly faded.


In boxing, fights similar to this one were supposed to separate men from boys. Having lost before to Griffith, Paret knew that he was not only fighting to save his reputation but also his life. He took up the challenge, but in the end, he was handed a severe beating which came as a result of his bravery. Paret forgot that in sports its always good to respect your opponent. Before the match, Paret insulted Griffith that he enjoys mens company not knowing that he had sealed his fate. This ignited a winning spirit in Griffith who worked hard and won the first five rounds. However, in the 6th round, Paret worked hard and sent Griffith in the canvas. However, Griffith got back to his feet this time like a wounded animal and pushed hard Paret in the next three rounds. Unfortunately, a grim end of what promised to be one of the best boxing matches came to an end in the 12th round. Using his right hand, Griffith sent Paret to the corner. With his last energy, Griffith gave Paret strong uppercut punches until his end swayed in the ropes before the referee saved the situation. However, it was too late as Paret remained in a coma for ten days before passing. For sure we saw a man with an iron chin until his toughness brought him down.

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