Death Penalty

Death penalty is a form of punishment used as a way of minimizing moral decay in various societies all over the world. Murderers, corrupt individual, thieves, and many other criminals are a few examples of individuals who find themselves facing the death penalty. Despite the death penalty playing a vital role in minimizing immoral behaviors in a society, it should not continue being used as a form of punishment. There are other forms of punishment that can be used to change a person from his or her past behaviors. People should be given a chance to change their behavior to become a better person in the future. For instance, there are cases of individuals who testify to their new being after being jailed for many years.Some tend to become mentors, priests and great people in society. Therefore the death penalty should not continue being used a form of punishment.

The status of the fetus has a bearing upon a woman`s right to have an abortion.This is because there is status which can put the mother to a risky situation which can finally lead to death. For example, ectopic pregnancy is a situation whereby fetus develops in the fallopian tube and grows from there. Abortion tends to be the best way of saving the woman from the severe effect. Other complications include high blood pressure and gestation diabetes which tend to put women to a higher risk situation Therefore women are advised to consult their doctors regularly for checkups to know the status of the status because regular prenatal care reduces the risk for problems and helps manage conditions before becoming severe. Other complications include such