Decline of Newspapers

Decline of Newspapers

The issue of the decline of newspapers is a topic that has been widely discussed over the last 20 years or so. Newspapers have faced reduced sales, revenues from advertisements and a sharp decline in circulation. The situation in the industry has seen close to a fifth of its journalists losing their jobs since the industry has been experiencing turbulent times. The Canadian and British governments have foreseen this situation and have even started preparing for a society without newspapers. In Britain alone, more than 200 regional and local newspapers have closed their operations since 2005.  In the next 20 years, newspapers will be a thing of the past, and their presence will not be felt at all in societies (Franklin, 2008).

The decline of newspapers can be attributed to many reasons and causes. The arrival of the television in early 1950 was enough to change the dynamic of the newspapers industry. The influx of the internet in the early years has significantly contributed to the decline of the newspaper industry (Edge, 2019).   Since the digital age promises to bring news faster and in a more dynamic way, newspapers have been threatened to be pushed out of the picture completely. Businesses seeking to advertise have found alternative options in other mediums, and this has further reduced the importance of newspapers. Web platforms like craigslist have in a considerable way decreased revenues for newspapers in advertising also affecting the newspaper industry (Edge, 2019).

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have over the last ten years evolved to become sources of news for the majority population that is young. News and media houses have become dependant on these platforms to reach their readers and listeners. Publishers like the Economist have over the years been pushed to use vast resources in social media teams with the aim of remaining relevant (Edge, 2019).  Le Monde and Vogue, on the other hand, have resulted in using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to post stories in an easy way ans to reach their readers. Most newspapers have more subscribers and readers in their social platforms, and this is set to become more imminent as time goes by. In the next few years, the newspaper industry is going to be disrupted, and the only way is to be ready for this because a change like this cannot be stopped.



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