Deforestation and How We Need to Stop

Deforestation and How We Need to Stop

Deforestation is the uncontrolled cut down of trees. In other words, deforestation is the permanent cut down of trees to create room for other activities such as farming, settlement, and construction among others. Although there are various reasons for deforestation, human activities are the primary causes. However, there are instances where mature trees are cut for replacement with new trees, and these are minimal cases which are among the ways to conserve the environment. Thus, with deforestation, there is no replacement for the cut-down trees thus leaving the land exposed to soil erosion which is a contributing factor to environmental degradation. Although there is increased deforestation all over the world, rainforest regions are highly targeted due to the availability of hardwood species which seem to be thriving better in the market. Therefore, though there has been increased deforestation globally, there is a need to enhance controlled and prevented encroachment of forests to facilitate environmental preservation.

Deforestation is a severe global issue that has had severe consequences for the environment and climate at large (Malhi et al. 171). Throughout the years, climatic changes have been highly contributed by the increased deforestation all over the world. Targeting of the hardwoods has left the remaining forests without the indigenous species which is a threat to the future generations. Logging for the indigenous species like mahogany, rosewood, and teak for charcoal, building materials, furniture among other uses of woods is a commercial business but a threat to the environment. With the emergence of open lands, there is uncontrolled soil erosion which causes environmental degradation. Soil erosion leads to loosening of the topsoil which may result in massive landslides thus a risk to humans. Therefore, deforestation has an overall negative impact ranging from the environment, climate and human lifestyles among others.

Causes of deforestation

Firstly, deforestation is stimulated by increased human activities. Increased population in different regions all over the world has facilitated the logging to create land for human settlement. Though understandable to some extent, people should not be allowed to clear forests for settlements, and rather, they should be encouraged to settle in other areas such as the dry areas and rehabilitate them by planting trees (Boahene 252). Expanding industrial sector has also contributed to increased deforestation as they create room for expansion, research for raw materials for their productions as well as create room for industrial innovations. Ranching farms, they have also contrib

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