Dental Hygienist: Personal Statement

I was born in a small farm town far away from the city. In our village, there was not much going on in terms of development, and accessibility of medical facilities was one of the most significant problems we experienced. There was only one private dentist in the whole area whose services were expensive, and only the privileged could afford him. In our family, the problem aroused when my sister started complaining of a toothache. At first, it was not a severe problem but suddenly the sleepless nights began. She could not take anything that was hot or cold in her mouth (Beatty, 2016) and I could notice she was suffering by the way she cried especially during the nights. My father tried to bargain with the dentist but his charges were high, and my sister had to wait in pain until the family raised the money.


At that period I made up my mind that I wanted to be the next dentist in our town who treated everyone including the underprivileged. I realized my sister developed her teeth problem due to great eating of candy (Wilkins, 2013). The stories around my sister’s issue made me realize that she was not the only one and many people especially children had teeth problems due to poor dental hygiene. Unfortunately, most of the people from my area did not take care of their teeth. Therefore, I decided that I needed to learn more about the ways that I could help people to know about basic hygiene to reduce their teeth problems (Byers, 2012).  Consequently, I felt that a course in dental health would assist me in understanding everything. With my background experience, I believe I am the best candidate to be a dental hygienist.




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