Deontology Theory is Convincing

After having worked through the chapters on ethical theory, is there a theory you find more convincing?  If so give at least three arguments supporting your conclusion. If not what do you think of the author’s suggestion of using a “cafeteria method?”

Deontology theory is the most convincing and the most applied theory. It’s a Kant’s theory which urges that ethics is all about using set rules to distinguish right from wrong. The regulations set are those that are accepted and applied universally. It therefore based on moral actions that are acceptable and applied to all beings with the capacity to understand them. Firstly, deontology theory is easy to use as it requires humans to do what is morally right. It merely needs individuals to follow the rules and do what is expected of them, for example, don’t kill. Secondly, deontology is a non-consequential as it does subject an individual to immoral practices as everyone knows the set rules. Thirdly deontology theory is about acting in conformity to the required moral laws which everyone is subjected to.

Do you think taking good ideas from each theory is a better way of going about ethics than using one theory?

Taking ideas from different theories gives us a deeper understanding of moral ethics. This is because different approaches are independent of each other and therefore they try to provide a different viewpoint about ethics. The information obtained will, hence, an optimal decision on which approach to apply in explaining ethics.

How would you defend against the (plausible) objection that the cafeteria method is inconsistent (contradictory)

Cafeteria method is used to provide the moral guidelines on the conduct of employees in an organization. It, therefore, contains the rules that all members should observe in the environment, for example, the language to be used and code of conduct. This method is essential as it sets the moral requirements of individuals in an organization. Any misconduct will, therefore, be subject to penalties according to the organization’s policies. Thus this method is consistency as it provides guidance and sets the prevailing ethical standards that every individual in organization adhere to.


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