Details of The Field Placement Report

Details of The Field Placement Report


I am working for the Citadines Apart Hotel, and Somerset Serviced Residence as an Assistant Leasing Manager position during this semester in China. The position is in line with my academic studies thus playing a significant role in my future career. I was delegated to various duties that involved providing customer service such as answering the phone call from clients, taking the client in the hotel room, booking rooms for customers booking online and preparing and personalizing the special needs for each client. Apart from the customer service duty, I also discuss and prepare the deal and contract with the client. Customer satisfaction is the primary goal of the hotel. Thus, to ensure the customers are satisfied with great communication skills to help to talk to them and understanding their expectations which help in betterment of the services offered.


Primarily, I will use the attachment position to improve my communications skills. Great communication skills are essential for my career, and thus through the position at the hotel, I will be able to improve and develop effective communication skills. Through the interactions with coworkers, I will be able to expand my understanding in different aspects as well as a comprehensive ability to express my thoughts in a sequential and logical manner. Therefore, the position will be essential in developing listening, interpretation and analytical skills for effectiveness in communications. Further, setting weekly goals to improve my communication skills was effective by requesting just in time feedbacks from coworkers, customers, and the manager.  The feedbacks helped in improving my skills thus perfecting the art of communication. Through the skills acquired, I was able to solve various customer complaints which were a bit hectic for me as I was starting the attachment. Therefore, that was an indication of effectiveness in gaining and perfecting communication skills. Additionally, according to feedback given by the manager who monitored by progress, there were great improvements in communication skills thus being able to relate with coworkers and customers perfectly.

Understanding the standard operational procedures (SOP) within the hospitality department was a top priority as I started the internship with the hotel. This was a goal that is essential in my profession thus being helpful in advancing my skills. To understand the various SOP in the hotel, I ensured close relationships with the supervisor who would explain the various duties and responsibilities involved in the procedures. Through the relationship, I was able to gather adequate information on the operational procedures in the hospitality department. I also ensured frequent questioning of challenging areas in the line of duty as well as enhancing effectiveness in communication with the key stakeholders. As an SOP is designed and implemented by the management, I also prepared an SOP and presented to my supervisor who confirmed my exceptional skills in preparing a working SOP. Therefore, I had gained relevant and adequate skills in the preparation and implementation of an SOP within the line of hospitality management.

Customer Service

Being a trendy hotel in the region, the services offered are exceptional and fulfilling the expectations of the customers. Prompts responses are always given when a customer needs the hotel services thus facilitating their loyalty towards the hotel. Therefore, increased customer loyalty leads to increased market share thus dominance in the market niche. Primarily, customer complaints and problems are always handled promptly to their satisfaction. For example, a customer had an issue with the room he had booked; the shower was not working properly, therefore, to solve the problem despite having stayed in the room for a night, he was shifted to another room and given a one-night discount due to the problem. Thus, this was one of the methods they use to solve arising problems to avoid customer complaints which might tarnish their reputation. Customer services added more value to the reputation of the hotel thus rebranding their image. Great customer services lead to customer loyalty a virtue that facilitates customer retention. Therefore, whenever customers are retained, the image of the hotel gets better and stronger in the market.

Co-operation Among Employees

Among the staff members, there is a team spirit that has enhanced effectiveness in their operations. Through the SOP laid down, the employees interact and relate with one another thus enhancing their performance. Thus, employees relate well as they respect one another which promoted good working relationship. Services offered among the employees are effective and without discrimination which makes their relationships stronger promoting and improving their performance. Through employee solidarity, customer satisfaction has been their key priority thus increased profitability through market dominance. Additionally, employees are respected by the management with motivational techniques such as promotion and incentives to motivate them in their duties.

During the off-peak seasons, employees are taken to a holiday weekend that brings plurality between them thus closeness at work. Being an intern, coworkers were very supportive whenever I asked help from them. This was a great milestone that helped me in advancing my communication skills. Whenever I was delegated to new duties, an employee who is aware of the duties was expected to teach me the procedure in a span of two days through which I was expected t take up the duties effectively without any monitoring. Therefore, in the hotel, there is a great relationship among the employees an aspect that has enabled their great and extensive growth in the hospitality market.

Assessment of Placement and Career Preparation

Throughout the internship, I have learned a lot with regards to my profession and career. Thus, the internship was quite educative and rewarding for my career upgrade. Through the various responsibilities, I was delegated at the hotel, I have grown professionally and personally. I have developed communication skills as well as time management skills through which I can achieve set objectives within the stipulated timelines. Additionally, through the internship, I have been able to view different hospitality services from a different perspective that would be more satisfying to the customers being the primary focus in the profession. The internship was more than I expected while applying for the position at the hotel. There was much that I expected thus having a satisfying experience with the entire hotel fraternity. Through the internship, I was able to define my strengths and weaknesses. I realized I could work well under low supervision and productive under pressure.

Additionally, I realized I am talented in conflict management among employees as I solved a difference between two employees despite being new to the environment. Also, I was able to change my communication skills at a short span which makes me understand myself as a flexible individual. Being an intern and able to relate with everyone, I realized it was not for the responsibilities we were designated but for the ethical and professional conducts everyone was expressing. Therefore, I was able to realize at any workplace environment, expression great aspects of ethical and professionalism is a key technique to have a smooth and effective relationship with co-workers, customers and the management. I the future as I start my career, I will ensure professionalism and ethical conducts while executing my assigned duties. This will help in enhancing great professional relationships with co-workers. Lastly, having completed my intern in the hotel, I feel I am prepared for my future career where I will execute my duties with great professionalism. I also feel my job has taken another direction with expansiveness inexperience.

Feedback for the College

Though we were aware of the internship, we were not prepared for handling full responsibility while still in the intern. I feel this was left out as we all thought of sharing responsibilities with the employees for mastery. However, when I joined the hotel, I was prepared through a two-day training after which I was fully responsible. Therefore, this was a bit challenging though was able to adapt in a few days. Everyone was expecting a different working environment which took us on a shock. Therefore, we would have been prepared or such situations to avoid panic and disappointments.  In the travel program, I believe frequent involvement in different activities would help in developing and advancing their skills. Advanced skills are a background for building own career which is essential for great professionalism.


Hospitality field has always been my career choice, and through the internship, I was able to have a feel of the future expectations during my career. Thus, experiences gained from the hotel were exceptional as this helped in understanding the work ethics and professionalism within hospitality set up. Additionally, the essence and advantages of excellent communication skills were prevalent as I learned how to have excellent communication skills and effectively apply them in the line of duty. As much as the core goal of every enterprise is profitability, tremendous and quality services enhance customer retention through services loyalty thus achieving a competitive advantage over the rival companies. The internship had a significant impact on my hospitality career thus boosting my understanding of hospitality professionals. Additionally, the internship helped in expanding my knowledge in different aspects revolving around hotel operations and management. Therefore, the placement had lots of contribution to both my personal and professional experience with regards to hospitality operation.



Follow up & Thank you Letter

Your Name


Dear [Name of The Employer],

I want to sincerely express my gratitude for the opportunities you had given me as an eligible candidate for an internship at your facility. I am grateful for the offer and have worked with you as an intern; it was an exciting opportunity for me as I was able to nurture my professionalism enhancing growth and expansion for my skills through your esteemed hotel. It had been a precious involvement for me, and I believe I was able to perform and add value to your group.

I appreciate your continued guidance throughout the period and being there to attend to my questions whenever I needed help. Working with you helped in advancing my communication skills as well as understanding the standard operational procedures (SOP) within a hospitality set up. Your tasks provided an exciting and challenging environment where I was able to express my skills in different perceptions as I worked towards the set objectives.

While advancing into my future career, I will take with me the skills I learned at your entity to further my career and express my professionalism as well as my understanding to the hospitality department. In future, I am hopeful to work with an optimistic and victorious company as yours.

If there is something you would want me to do for the company or the employees, I will be more than willing to assist. I will be excited to work with you again.


Your Name