Developed Technology for Competitive Advantage

Developed Technology for Competitive Advantage


Based on the developed technology, if you were the CEO of your company, what would you like to do to give your customers more values than the competitors?



If I were a company CEO, I could use developed technology to increase customer value for a competitive edge. Notably, it is how information technology is used that enhances the competitive value of a company because almost all companies have some technology but what makes the difference from one company and another is the applicability. First, if I were CEO I would inculcate the right attitude towards developed technology. The CEO’s attitude potentially influences managers’ view of the firm. Furthermore, a CEO comprehensive understanding of IT is a strong weapon to creatively relay IT ideas which leads to customer satisfaction and company growth. Again, organisational leadership determines its competitive strength in the usage of developed technology.

Secondly, I would use developed technology to bridge a gap that exists between technocrats and business entities, in the sense that business people should have adequate IT knowledge for competitive advantage. For example to design a system that increases customer value requires two things: a comprehensive understanding of organisation problem and experience of technologies to provide a business solution. When business people understand the management information system enables them to solve technical issues when need be. Thirdly, as a CEO I will use IT to approach a business problem from other perspectives. Here, I will try to view a business problem from a customer point of view because customers are the owners of a business. Developed technology provides a platform with valuable information to understand the needs of clients and stakeholders. Once company leadership knows the inconveniences and limitations of customers, and it leads to efficient and effective utilisation of company resources for competitive advantage. Lastly creatively designed system potentially meets organisational objectives.

In conclusion, a CEO sets the conducive internal environment for the realisation of business goals which greatly determined by customer relationship management. A company that does not creatively apply developed technology loses customers to competitors who have embraced technology in every way of their operation.



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