Developmental and Behavioral Disorders

Developmental and Behavioral Disorders

Developmental disorders include a group of different conditions that affect individuals' right from their childhood years, causing severe impairments in various areas. Individuals may experience the impact of some of these disorders for a lifetime while other disorders might respond well to modern medicine and therapies.


Autism is a mental disorder which begins during the early years of a child. A person with these conditions will show a lack of the ability to interact with other persons. These children display persistent impairment in the ability to present themselves in social communication through usual ways like speech or facial expression. The symptoms of this disorder are present throughout and, significantly affect the life of a person. Autism presents itself in different levels and scale. Individuals with a severe form of the disorder may have limitations on what they can and cannot do as adults (Framingham, 2019).

Symptoms of the disorder may involve unexpected unresponsiveness from the child or high concentrations on specific items. The child may also be healthy during the first couple of years then experience a dramatic change. This change may come in the form of self-abuse, a withdrawn nature, or a situation where a toddler is utterly indifferent to the social approaches in the usual environments. Some cases of autism may come with intellectual disabilities and the inability to learn languages, while others may get adapted in that area.

Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Oppositional Defiant Disorder is a syndrome that begins at childhood, characterized by a hostile nature towards adults and other figures that pass a

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