Direct marketing

Direct marketing is concerned about having direct contact with potential and existing customers to promote products and services. Unlike media advertising, direct marketing enables a company to target a specific group of customers with a personalized message. Direct marketing is ideal for small businesses since it is cost effective and highly powerful at generating sales. The main advantage is that a company can generate a response from the market target and as a result, a small business can spend its limited resources on market segments where they can achieve results.

Role of direct marketing in relationship marketing

The discipline of direct marketing is currently driven by a developing marketing situation where engagement, sales, and direct response is decreasing the line of difference between advertising and direct sales. The process of approaching marketing communication requires direct marketing discipline to increases consumer’s motivation and the ability to respond. Direct marketing majorly focuses on creating a relationship and contacts with the customers to increase the volume of sales. Direct marketing assists in building the confidence of the consumers on a product or service by establishing meaningful relations with the same customers. A positive relationship builds acceptance for the product and any approach to initiate the process must adhere to how the process is designed to enhance the building of relationship and marketing. Whether direct marketing aims to influence, retain or find customers, it is still a diligent communicative tool. Direct marketing is essential in multichannel relationship strategies of marketing since it demonstrates relevance and adds value to the company through guiding the consumers.

Role of direct marketing in IMC

Direct marketing is a system of marketing which is accountable and uses one or more communications media to generate a response. It promotes interaction where all the responses from the consumers are recorded in a database for creating profiles of the potential customers and issuing valuable marketing information. The nature of direct marketing to control costs and manage a database allows for scrutiny of costs and provides the relevant flexibility to develop more cost-effective programs.


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