Discrimination against Muslims

The discrimination against Muslims is one of the technical artefacts that attract investigation on its significant causes. This has  influenced the attitudes of people in the society . One o the significant beliefs that have contributed to such unstable is the history of Islam and the fact that terrorism has been closely associated with the Islam cultures. Therefore, this helps to significant decimation instances faced by Islam, communities across the world.  The primary ethical aspects that occur in the society the reason for outlining this artefact happened due to the rising rates of misinterpretation and understanding of the Muslim culture and terrorism Being an ethical class Morality is on the subjects described in the cases. As a result, this provides an opportunity to conduct appropriate analysis on diverse believe system excising in the society

The course has, therefore, outlined different instances where the belief system tends to initiate negative social values such as discrimination of people. Besides, the organisation tend to link negative behaviours with negative accidences. Similar, case is observed through the issue presented. The nature and the adverse effects of terror attacks had led to bitterness and ability of people to differentiate the  .behaviors of a person and these of a group of people. Besides this has been reflected at the national level where implementation of security policies tend to focus on a particular group of people.

The course provided an opportunity to devaluate major beliefs linked to the behaviours adopted by people Besides the current practices have also had an essential aspect in my life, and this can be attributed to the encounters f the past events. I understood different aspects of my personality and a bit to influence other people through both negative and positive social values. I assumed the methods of tracing my behaviours and benefits through the affected the society surrounding groups.

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