Discuss the cost, and sustainability, of openness as an instrument of national security

Discuss the cost, and sustainability, of openness as an instrument of national security


the process of achieving a transparent a security among the ASEAN nation has alas taken many phases and dynamics that enable it to ensure that the countries are peaceful the viability and the value of such transparencies have quite well achievable, primarily through an effort of establishing the threats from the region. It required the effort and contribution of each nation to create trust through adopting policies that do not produce any suspicions and that comes from the history of the region in the most efficient manner. In this case, the threats based on economic tension and military expansion in the area that washes been common in the past decades have always shown that security transparency is still at risk.  The process of assuring peace in the city has been through coordination and clarifying the intentions of their activities as a way of promoting peace. This discussion, therefore, focuses on the value and viability of this transparency on the security detail of the region.

Keywords: viability, transparency, security value, ASEAN

Discuss the cost, and sustainability, of openness as an instrument of national security

Asian counties have realized the need to enhance the protection of the region through a combined effort of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). The association aims to promote acceptability and establish security-building measures. This role has always appeared to be changing, mainly, due to the presence of dynamics and the need to enhance a more secure and transparent national security that has value and viability. The process of ensuring this involved process of transparent national security, there has always been a need to come up with strategies that provide that proper measures and taken that analyze the security needs and the improvement procedures that have a long-lasting effect on the security matters of the countries. Concerning Singapore and other ASEAN   countries, this discussion explores the role played by value and viability in enhancing transparency in the national security for Nations.

The Asia security concerns are based on creating a peaceful and area if proper business and political calmness. This factor has always been ensured by setting the national values that are adopted in the Pacific regions. However, the anxiety has always been about the future security of the countries even though it  depend on  the willingness of the countries in the area to maintain peaceful strategies that would ensure a long lasting solutions to  region the associations based on the intellectual and transparency   of the  ways of information sharing based on the security principles make it reasonable enough  the Asian countries to  come together   in an effort   of collaborating  to   deal with future security threats that are looming in the region. A principle of shared intelligence becomes an important strategy that countries have. Each state has a role to play in creating the required plan in the area.


China plays a primary role in the creation of the value of security matters. Its massive size and a rapidly growing economy with a fear of overheating and uncertainties due to the fear successions make security matter one of the most significant concerns of the region its role in enhancing the value to the security based on transparent measures that will improve the ruined confidence.  Despite the rules to ensure political stability in the region, China still meets challenges. Especially the internal and the external migrations since the economic development may not be sustained.

The general concerns in the regional interests of economic liberation in China present a chance of positivity and should be actively supported. However, there is no explicit guarantee that the economy of China will be friendly to accommodate the neighbors. This act as a threat to the economy of China and the rest of the worlds, saving the economic issue through valuation of the migration and sustainability of the economy of the region become a significant area of focus in ensuring a creation of national security., the instruments for national securities is an economic factor which still acts as a threat to the gross progress of the region. This progress is to be viable and assure the part of a long-lasting peace with no future threats.

A focus on the military capability of China shows a high rate of growth and larger than of the USA. It remains a source of apprehension, and there is a question on its long term intention with the active military on not only the internal security but also to the disputed territories. China is developing a strong influence on other Asian nations and apprehension of what will constitute the great china. This creates a great fear that is deeply rooted in Asian history and 5he current existing memories that remind the world about Asian nations.

The current problem of China with Hong Kong reversion and the eventual reunification of Taiwan and other mainlands are viewed in terms of Chinese influence on such decisions.  These processes also make Chinese to pose a security threat in Asia, and very few nations in the region fear to brand China as an enemy in the area due to its strong military security which can destroy those attempting nations. Therefore most of the countries in the region would prefer using a peaceful approach. The action of China to participate in the multilateral security dialogues and the general regional confident establishment, however, reveals the positive intentions in which it has towards the peaceful coexistence in the region.


Japan is a significant player in the security concerns of the ASEAN communities. It has a strong influence on the future of b Asia in terms of security, both economically and military broad. It is countries where most Asians have a recent memory own, and they tend to pose that stop other Asian nations. The existence of mistrust to Japan is influenced by several factors that created a misunderstanding and distrust in the region.  To ensure continues peaceful survival, Japan has maintained a high level of transparency to assure the rest of the Asian nation a commitment to creating a peaceful Asia with trust and value. It helps to reduce the tension in the region as it creates respect for the rest.  However, there is the anxiety of the long term plan for the trans-Asian Pacific nations, and this continues to cause suspicious in the region. The military capability of, therefore, is a factor that remains to be of significant concerns to the Asian nation.

On the economic perspective, Japan continues to play an active role in the economy of the region and through an establishment of political influence.  The military control may also play a significant role in this case. The context to which the Asian nation view this   Japanese involvement in the political and economic affairs of the region becomes a major concern and may, therefore, help to determine the level of trust in the area. The economic and political security in the area is to be based on a clear association in the matter of security with the rest of the Asian Nations. The US-Japan Military alliance is always viewed throughout the Asian region as a way of regulating Japan good behavior. The japans willingness to confront its past openly, especially in embracing the non-nuclear principle and continue to focus the multilateral channels are the ways through which the anxiety if the future has been limited. This, therefore, implies that there is a tendency to which the transparent development and peace in the region being assured in terms of both economic factors and military factors. Its contribution to maintaining transparency and accountability to be commercial and military action still help to promote peace in the region and reduce the mistrust. that is still a problem

The Korean Peninsula

The part reflects the area with the current tension and anxiety in the region. It is also one of the areas which cause future unsettledness in the Asian region. This factor is brought about by the nuclear ambitions of North Korea still create tension in the region, especially against Japan. The fact that there is generally unchecked North Korean nuclear base is a threat not only Asia but also to the rest of the world/. It has always led to mistrust and therefore continues to create tensions in the region and the general for the future.  The anxiety is also posed by the fact that there is a tension with South Korea, primarily through blockage of borders and the general restricting between the north and the South Koreans. This makes it difficult to ensure an explicit security detail based on military as economic factors, therefore, the anxiety continues to exist in the region. The nuclear threats are the primary cause of t tension. However, the recent negotiation between the North Korean government and the USA president Donald Trump has created a beginning of hope in the region. In this case, the tension is slowly reduced, and nuclear threats become the priority of this intervention. This effort is aimed at building security trust and ensuring that there is an eternal peace in the region based on a well-established structure. The attempt to provide a peaceful coexistence between the north and the South Koreans has also been enhanced through continuous mediations between the two Asian countries as and therefore hope is coming back to the region based on the anticipated results of the interventions. However, the mistrust continues to affect them, and the process of overcoming it is still underway.


Singapore plays a significant role in the definition of the economy of the region. The fact that it is a small nation with the most developed technology makes it a place of interest to all Asian countries. The fact that the region presents a hub of technological development and the dominance in the modern infrastructure makes it one of the areas of focus and attends in the vacation of security. In this case, the increased rate of migration and the availability of technological factors m create a discussion and mistrust. The mechanical tension is further enhanced by the fact that Singapore does not only produce the best infrastructural growth but also have the ability to manipulate the trade in the region. The mistrust that it creates is that many investors flock in the area and wants to explore the increasing demand for investment in the sector. The main concern of the Asian states in the region is the economic security and how it is likely to impact on the economies of other countries in the area. For a matter of transparency Singapore need to have a trust from the rest of the interested economy Asian countries in trading with her that   they will not create a bad influence in the region and  noticed it  a zone of power struggle this will ensure accountability and enable regions of Asians to  still embrace the peaceful coexistence in the continent.

The viability of Transparent security in Asia

The fact that there is a general mistrust in the region major necessary to investigate the value and ability of transparently in establishing security in the region makes it essential for key players to come up with the best strategies that will make the Asian nations to feel safe. In this case, there are specific approaches that have always been made. The USA plays a critical role in the ensuring of trust and the general monitoring of the activities in the region. However, realizing the needed peace and transparency may face several challenges, especially with the emergence of China as the fastest growing economy with a high rate of political, economic and military influence in the region. It even poses a threat to the US and therefore the mistrust and fear may still affect the area for such a long period. Despite the scare, China has grown to be strong economic support to most Asian Nations and has always assured the nations that no political motivation will extend to such region.  Their position is seen as this government of China has never shown any political interest or interfered with the political affair in the area. Their stand has always demonstrated a clear commitment to promoting security without taking advantage of the status of the ASEAN states. Further analysis reveals that their commitment to value addition through open trade with the rest of the countries make  China be a highly active region to promote peace in the area. The economic involving and lack of political interest show a long period of viability of the transparency that is needed.

Several strategies have been played to maintain peace in the region and the general convolution of the USA in ensuring a complete system which supports the concept of regionalism and promote transparency in security details. The role of the USA is evident in the dealings with Japan and ensuring that there is a collaboration between it and the Asian states in regulating the military activities in the region. Apart from economic wars between the west and China, the military concerns have never been elaborated; therefore there has never been military tension due to a financial interest in the region. However, there is still anxiety in the area based on the fear that there may be a plan of China and Japan on the conflict of interest that they may have on other Asian nation. Therefore, the viability of transparency of security in the region, though achievable, there are still limitations that need to be addressed.

Chances of achieving transparent security

Even though there are limiting factors to transparent security in the region, there are very high chances that it could be performed and the general reduction of tension in the area to be viable for an extended period. The analysis of the role of China and its collaboration with the rest of the region in terms of economy and security make it evident that there is no ill motive that they present in the area. For so long, the ASEAN states have remained peaceful with no military and economic competition in the area. That commitment to achieve a cohesive and a peaceful Asia make it necessary to observe the high rate of the responsibility toward creating transparent security in the region. In most case, they have always shown a sign for support for each other and encourage inter, and intra migrations in the area, a flag that indicates free economic movement of people and goods in the area. This commitment is seen in other sectors such as the military and politics.

Through the adapting of the policies of noninterference with the political affair of the region, there has been a drastic change of tension in the area and the part.  The military factor has been a big issue that has been a cause of t threat in the region for an extended period. However, there has been a change from those military threats as factors that are likely to affect the area. Instead through a collaboration of the major ASEAN nation, there has been a general change and reduction of the tensions that used to exist in the region moreover, the fact that the power struggle between the Asian nations does not hold in this century makes it easy accept the transparency in the area.  There are many instances where the regions, have come together to discuss economic issues and military intervention in the region.

The other factor that promises workable and transparent security in the region is the fact that the nations are open to each other in terms of economic investment. In this case, they have friendly policies of investing, and the steady motion is working toward lifting the different movements of the ASEAN in terms of economic support. This becomes an indication of the success of the region.  With the level of trust in the area, there is a probability that the tension and mistrust in the region are being maintained.   The fact that there is a change in the spirit and the mood of the economic status in the area cause the transparent in the system and the regional involvement in the process of ensuring peace and harmony among the nation.

The limitations that still exists and that which may stir up security issues in the region does not come from the fact of mistrust of the area, but rather because of the external involvement of other powers in the affairs of the region. The role of USA, Russia, and China in the power struggle and economic control makes it evident that there is still a trend in the area that may cause tensions in the region. Based on this analysis, there are specific factors that ensure the security issues do not select the particular ASEAN nation but instead taken back to the Arabic country where there is still a constant tension. The influence of China and Russia in Afghanistan are war far away from the region and may also lead to anxiety and mistrust, depending on the side each of the nations takes. The fact that Japan collaborates with the USA while Russia cooperates with China may still cause doubt in the region. However,  are various measures can be made to maintain the existing peace in the area.

There are specific strategies that have been applied in this region to ensure that there is that trust in the area., key among them include the promotion of a common culture and encouragement of social interactional the region today it is possible for a Japanese o work in China or any other part of the ASEAN region without the fear of mistrust. The crating of value and security becomes, therefore, the main measures that can lead to transparency in the worlds and ensuring that there is a general trust o in the worlds. The economic, political and military influencers on security play a role in providing collaboration that helps to create trust in the region.


The trust issues and the trust issues in the value of the transparency of security of a nation require having the desire to set the records clear an allowing the governments to share their concerns in terms of fewer and threats that much exist.  The ability of security in the region is based on the point that it reduces the tension that has lived in the area for so long. ASEAN nations have experienced a long period of mistrust and tensions in the region for an extended period this mistrust has always been brought about by the history and the past events that are still fresh in their minds. The current trends in the reign still show security threats. However, these nations have demonstrated the commitment to assuring security in the region by adopting transparency. In this case, some events have helped to build trust. They are based on a process of ensuring that each nation is comfortable with obeying another based on economic and political factors. It also uncovers economic factors through providing that there is coordination among the nations.