Discussion Board Replies

Response to Classmate#1

In the diagnosis of diseases, determination of reliable results is essential. As not noted by classmate#1, reliability refers to the ability of a test to give consistent results. However, for results to be consistent and reproducible, the same environment must be maintained.  This is to mean that, two factors influence the reliability of a diagnostic test. These factors as noted by %8%8% are the accuracy and the reproducibility of the test results. Accuracy is determined by comparing the result of a test with the final correct diagnosis. However, establishing the final accurate diagnosis is hard which makes it necessary to assess reproducibility.

I agree with Classmate #1 in the sense that reliability is the prerequisite for treatment. After multiple screening is conducted, it becomes easy to determine whether the results are reliable. If the same results are obtained and are deemed valid, then treatment commences. Unreliable results affect the treatment of a particular health condition less effective. In this regard, %+%8% urges that physicians should at all time ensure that diagnostic tests are both valid and reliable. As classmate #1 note, the socio-political ramifications of understanding reliability can be far-reaching. It is true that unreliable results will at all times create unnecessary stress, fear, and misdiagnoses.


Response to Classmate#2

It is true that the effects of cataracts can be devastating. This is the reason why physician are advised to seek for results that are both reliable and valid. According to %8$89, reliable results are results that can be reproduced over and over again provided the same environment is maintained. This definition of reliable results goes in line with the description provided for by classmate#2. I also agree to it that in the diagnosis of cataracts and other health conditions, reliability is essential. When data is reliable, it means that it is consistent. Consistent results according to 48%8$ does not mean accurate results. However, if the results are consistent, it means that they can be trusted as being valid.

As Classmate#2 puts it, it is not possible to have data that is valid but not reliable. However, it is impossible to have data that is both reliable and valid. Such data that is data is reliable, yet not valid could have adverse effects on individuals socially. I concur to it that a diagnostic test for cataracts that is unreliable could affect the patient emotionally. If the test is not conducted well, the patient might also suffer financially. Lastly, it is true that the reliability of diagnostic test helps the health care facilities and the society at large to thrive well in conducting effective.


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