Diversity in Healthcare Provision

Diversity in healthcare provision is one of the, most important element in ensuring a healthy society. Several factors determine the probability that a patient will seek medical attention based on the beliefs, culture and backgrounds.  A professional nurse must know how to handle different situations, especially about the diversified society in the healthcare service provision. Taking a case three of MR, a twenty-three-year-old man who is under strong addiction of Pot smoking, He is a Native American and a Christian as well, who believes he needs to change his lifestyle to go to heaven.  This discussion, therefore, seeks on the steps to help him improve his lifestyle,taking into consideration his family history of alcoholism, diabetes and hypertension.

Reflection on diversity

Diversity in the health service provision plays a crucial role in ensuring that the arrangement meets targets. There are, however, limiting factors on the relationship between the nurse and the patient. The belief or cultural background of an individual is one of such, and it may limit his or her ability to seek medical attention.  The culture, religion or a belief of an individual affect his or his lifestyle. In many occasion,

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