Diversity in Healthcare Provision

Diversity in healthcare provision is one of the, most important element in ensuring a healthy society. Several factors determine the probability that a patient will seek medical attention based on the beliefs, culture and backgrounds.  A professional nurse must know how to handle different situations, especially about the diversified society in the healthcare service provision. Taking a case three of MR, a twenty-three-year-old man who is under strong addiction of Pot smoking, He is a Native American and a Christian as well, who believes he needs to change his lifestyle to go to heaven.  This discussion, therefore, seeks on the steps to help him improve his lifestyle,taking into consideration his family history of alcoholism, diabetes and hypertension.

Reflection on diversity

Diversity in the health service provision plays a crucial role in ensuring that the arrangement meets targets. There are, however, limiting factors on the relationship between the nurse and the patient. The belief or cultural background of an individual is one of such, and it may limit his or her ability to seek medical attention.  The culture, religion or a belief of an individual affect his or his lifestyle. In many occasion, socio-economic status of individuals based on the cultural background has been a critical cause of poor health in the medical institutions. As a nurse, understanding such lifestyle requires understanding the diversity that exists in society. This will help the nurse to have the capability of controlling the steps in health service provision.

Analysis of Case 3

The socioeconomic status of MR plays a critical role in the need to seek help. The fact that he is a Native American, who are generally poor and do not have enough resources for a better lifestyle make him be under the influence of too much smoking. Moreover, the fact that the family background is characterised by hypertension and diabetes means that he is likely to develop such conditions in case he continues embracing the kind of lifestyle he lives in.  Alcoholism, which is a sign of stress and desperate in the family, makes MR under string influence of poor lifestyle. Despite the existence of such conditions, there is a religious factor, the main factor pushing MR   to seek for a change of alifestyle. According to religion, he will not go to heaven if he continues with the lifestyle. It provides a real base for a nurse ointervene to help him stay safe and embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Building a health history for the patient

Helping the patient needs a relationship with the patient through gaining his trust. In this case, the nurse has to be professional in how he directs questions to the student without showing a feeling of discrimination to the patient based o on diversity. Moreover, there is s a need for the nurses to be objective in the design of the questions.  He or she should explain to the patient the need to inquire about information for the family background. It also implies that the nurse must build the trust of the patient and therefore consider b to be confidential in handling the issues. On the family lifestyle, the nurse must focus on the diet, condition of the house, whether they get the basic needs for revival.The cultural background of the patent must be asked base on objectivity and explaining to the license the need to understand the cultural context.

The five urgent question o request include:  is there anybody in your family who had suffered from chronic diseases like hypertension or diabetes?  Do you or have a history of alcoholism?What is your average income level?  Does your religion allow the kind of lifestyle you are leading? And do you wish to stay safe from the drugs?These questions will help to figure out how ready the patient is prepared to embrace change in his life.

Strategies to enhance better communication

Communication becomes a significant factor of consideration needed from a proper understanding among the patients. I require a recognition of the need of the patient b based on culturalbackground, faithand thelifestyle. Here are the necessary steps to take to ensurethat communication is efficient.  The first one is, understanding the belief of the patient and responding to him based on the idea. His strategy is viewing his points from the perspective of culture and belief.The next plan is to ensure that the nurse familiarises himself with the culture of the patient as a way of creating a common ground.


The provision of health services based on diversity becomes one of the aspects that are necessary to ensure inclusivity. It requires the ability to understand and create a good environment for the patient.The case ofMR is a case where the nurse has to be professional and apply the knowledge of diversity in helping the patient to achieve the requiredtrust.