Division of Labor

This entails a concept where work processes tend to be divided into different tasks. Each task is supposed to be performed by a different individual or a group of people. An individual dealing with one task is not permitted to deal with another task that is outside the scope’s jurisdiction. The concept of division of labor is frequently applied in systems that deal with mass production (Durkheim and Steven, 2014). It is among the core principles in organizations that deal with assembly lines such as motor vehicle manufacturers.

The concept of division of labor is typically applied due to the dynamics that it brings in the workplace. However, there are individuals and organizations that do not prefer this concept due to its limitations. This is an indication that the concept has both strengths and weaknesses.

Strengths of Division of Labor

Among the advantages associated with division of labor is increased productivity. Continuous practice makes people good at what they do. Putting concentration on repeating

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