Research Paper Outline: This is a minimum six, maximum eight-page research paper. If you choose to attach pictures, graphs, or charts you could do so as a supplement to your paper. You will also need to use at least four peer-reviewed sources, such as library books, professional journal articles, encyclopedias, etc. These sources should be listed on a separate page and attached to your paper. Please choose one illicit substance: • Discuss its origin: When was it first discovered? Where? By whom? • Which category does it belong to: hallucinogens, stimulants, or depressants? • Discuss history and evolution of its use: How was it originally used? How is it used now? • Which segment(s) of population is mostly affected? • Stats – number of individuals affected: worldwide and in the U.S. • Laws/Rules/Regulations addressing the use and misuse of the substance. • How does it affect the brain, body and the overall functioning of an individual?