DO Journal Reflection

Body-based therapies involve different methods and approaches that focus on the bones, joints, soft tissue, and circulatory and lymphatic systems. Holistic health involves different approaches, and one of them is chiropractic which was founded by Daniel Palmer in 1985. Chiropractic involves the manipulation of the spine and the vertebral column to heal diseases (Eliopoulos, 2010). Palmer believed that the spine controls the nervous system which if treated can cure any disease. Another holistic approach is that of massage therapy. This approach involves the kneading and manipulating of body tissues by the use of hands. The approach helps in increasing the blood flow, speeds up metabolism and enables the proper circulation of air.

The Trager Approach is another holistic approach that aims in making the muscles and joints relax while also releasing fatigue from the head. The physician begins with gentle movements with traction and rotation of the body muscles into different directions. Another approach is that of the Feldenkrais Method. This method involves the changing of the way the body is held and the way it moves (Eliopoulos, 2010). This method requires a teacher or an instructor who directs a person on the way to move the body. These movements involve walking, bending, jumping, stretching among others.

Another approach is that of Alexander therapy. This type of therapy is used to identify poor habits of postures and tries to correct them. The sessions of this therapy range from 30-60 minutes where the instructor gives directions of attaining better postures. It helps in the release of tension and gives some flexibility to the spine of the body. Lastly, Craniosacral Therapy involves the manipulation of the cerebrospinal fluid as a way to cure other diseases. William Sutherland, who developed this therapy, believed that every bone of the skull is movable. This causes the manipulation of the cerebrospinal fluid leading to the body feeling relaxed by the releasing of excess tension.


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