Does Generation Z edge over millennials in all aspects of lifestyle?

Does Generation Z edge over millennials in all aspects of lifestyle?

  1. Issue and conclusion

The author concludes that yes Generation Z is much far ahead than the millennials given their ability to embrace technology. This generation has realized that once they post something on social media, they have to be aware of their images given the fact that jobs are hard to get nowadays and hence the image they post has to sell their rapport. This is the reason why most of the Generation Z own their businesses while their counterpart millennials are still struggling.

  1. Identifying evidence

In justifying the above conclusion,the author speaks of how technology has played a significant role in the wellbeing of Generation Z. This generation has learned from the mistakes of the millennials and has thus realized the value of privacy in terms of marketing themselves as brands. For instance, in the text, a 16-year-old Emily Citarella, a high school student in Atlanta speaks of how technology defines Generation Z. She tells how she can communicate, create texts, edit them as well as post photos on Instagram through her iPhone. It implies that through editing she knows that what she has to post has to sell her image as a brand that many markers are looking for. Another justification is that Generation Z is made up of individuals who are sharp to grasp things as well as fast to release. By this, it implies that advertisers have to selectively choose their messages in simple terms that will have an influence on this generation in terms of interest and development. This is evident where the managing partner of Millennial Branding, Dan Schawbel talksof telling their advertising partners on the need to use at most five words in addition to abig picture, given the fact that the Generation Z operates on six-second Vine videos and emoji only. Furthermore, unlike the millennials who appears to be spoiled, Generation Z members are hardworking, and this can be credited on the hardships their parents go through in raising them up. An example of this fact is where Seimi Park, a student in Virginia Beach says that her future has been affected by global conflict, hardship, and economic trouble currently evident in almost all parts of the world. The evidence above are facts that meaningfully support the conclusions.

  1. Evaluating sources

The sources of the evidence are reliable and can be trusted since they come from experts and victims themselves. For instance, members of Generation Z as well as professionals like Mr. Howe who manages Saeculum Research, Dan Gould among others.

  1. Evaluating evidence

The evidence provided by the author is relevant and significantly connects to the issue since most of the facts are from people that are well informed on the issue regarding millennials and Generation Z. Furthermore, the evidence is current given the examples that involve years like 2015 and further talk about current persons like Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga. It is further visible that the evidence is balanced given the fact that it explores all the details regarding millennials as well as Generation Z with every fact justified with examples.

  1. Judging the argument

Given the detailed evidence provided by the author, it is factual that the conclusion is well explained, and all facts left untouched regarding millennials and Generation Z. In this case, there is no better conclusion that the author’s.

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