Domestic violence as a social problem

Domestic violence as a social problem

Oftentimes domestic violence is considered a devastating social problem that affects every segment of the population in the society. The strategies for fighting against domestic violence among adults emerge every day; however, more attention is now being focused on youths that suffer from abuse. Young children are exposed to dangers of domestic violence which eventually impacts their growth and development. There is clear evidence that a lot of adverse effects are imposed on the children of tender age who face domestic violence in various ways. Children are prone to different types of domestic violence which have negative impacts on their lives; the most common form is that which they face from their parents. Their age, gender, and chronicity determine the effects of domestic violence among young children. Concerning the gender, a child who has been for a long time exposed to any domestic violence tends to develop a bad and or negative feeling towards a specific gender whether the male or the female.

Concurrently, young children affected by domestic violence tend to develop age-related complications as time goes by. They choose to dissociate themselves with a certain age of people as a result of the bad experience they had with them based on domestic violence. Finally, children exposed to domestic violence tend to develop chronicity which affects their mode of behaviour. (Moylan, 2010). For instance, children who are victims of the violence experience a large extent dictated by what they have faced in these situations and the result of the same is always negative. Studies should be carried out to come up with measures necessary for reducing the adverse effects of domestic violence on children. Domestic abuse of any kind should be fought against in the society to make sure that the children don’t get exposed to it thus having their lives affected negatively with time.

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