(Answered) The creation of an ideal state

(Answered) The creation of an ideal state

Your country just overthrew its dictator, and you are the newly elected President. Unfortunately, due to the divisions in the country and the years of war, economic, military, and political structures are non-existent. A group of loyalists to the old dictator have been detonating bombs, murdering civilians, assassinating leaders, and terrorizing towns with help from a neighboring country’s dictator.

Create a comprehensive plan for your new government. While creating this government identify 1) the governing style of your government and the principles that govern your leaders (see rubric); 2) the functions of various branches of government; 3) how to maintain public good in domestic areas through at least two programs; 4) an economic structure that is most beneficial to your citizens; 5) ways to create national unity; 6) ways to combat terrorism and violence; and, 6) international organizations to join.

See rubric for specific ways to meet the requirements of the paper.

Paper headings: (Use of APA paper format with headings required!)

Introduction (1 paragraph)

Introduce your country
Briefly outline all of the parts of the paper
Domestic Concerns (1-2 pages)
Identify governing style and principles that correlate to this style
Identify the branches of government and its functions
Development of two public good domestic programs and how they will meet the public good
Economic structure and reason why this should be used
Socializing citizens is noted with rationale for how it creates national unity
Foreign Concerns (1-2 pages)
Two international organizations are noted, one for economics and one for security
Descriptions of both organizations
Rationales for joining these organizations
Steps to joining
Two ways your country will combat the neighboring country’s terrorist threat and the domestic threat
Two ways these will be effective
Conclusion (1 paragraph)
Summarize information
Writing Requirements (APA format)

Length: 3-4 pages (not including title page or references page)
1-inch margins
Double spaced
12-point Times New Roman font
Title page
References page (minimum of 2 scholarly sources)




An ideal state is a state whose citizens coexist in harmony, live by virtues of equality and live in peace. This paper seeks to attain an ideal state from a country that has recently overthrown its dictator president. The country lacks viable government structures and faced by both domestic and foreign terrorist threats. The concept of an ideal state originates from philosophers such as Plato who sought to create an imaginary state where all was well. Such a state is referred to as Utopia. However, Utopia does not exist in a real-life situation (Lewis, 2018). Political science seeks to achieve the best style of governance that promotes the public good and creates a great society. This paper will address the functioning parts of an ideal state that promotes economic growth, political tolerance and working security agencies. An ideal state focuses on its domestic concerns and foreign concerns. The domestic concerns will seek to curb the high level of terrorism and promote economic development. On the other hand, foreign concerns will address external security threats.

Domestic Concerns

In a country where instability is the……….