Due Process Analysis Essay

Due Process Analysis Essay

Due process is defined as what is fair and just under the prevailing circumstances (Brent 2001). A public institution is usually associated with the government and as such, is supported by state revenues. In such a public institution, the power of the state and the federal government over the students is limited by the constitution. The constitution of the United States provides for the foundation of the right to due process in the Fifth Amendment. It guaranteed that the government protects and ensures the right to due process forevery citizen.  The fourteenth amendment also provides that a person should not be denied their right to property, life or freedom to own property unless under the due process of the law. Issues of misconduct among nursing students in higher education facilities have raised attention in the recent past. It violates principles of integrity and necessitates that the stringent arm of the law takes full charge against it. Nursing related to the due process in that when there are allegations of misconduct among nursing students, the due process of the law must be followed to ensure that these alleged offenders are not unjustly punished. Contrary to my expectations, the topic concerns the due process of the law and not due process in carrying out nursing duties as I had anticipated.

Every person must be treated equally and with respect. Therefore in the instance that a nurse commits an act of professional misconduct, the due process of the law must be followed to make sure justice is done. Cases of negligence that lead to the hearing process are for instance where a nurse administers an anesthetic that should not be applied to children to an infant. Other examples of misconduct by nurses are where a nurse caused an accident and injured two people while driving drunk. The board of nurse ordered disciplinary sanctions against her after she was convicted with a felony.

Understanding due process is essential for professional development since it informs me of the rights and responsibilities that I have as a professional and the procedures that follow if I become implicated in a case of professional misconduct. As a result of understanding this concept, my nursing practice will improve in the meticulous consideration of my duties and taking caution not to mess up. It also means that in case I mess up I will be sure of what procedure to expect from the authorities handling thematter.I would change the manner in which I handle cases of misconduct that I see among colleagues. In thisfield, more research needs to be carried out in finding out the link between negligence and due diligence where the line is blurred.

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